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It is highly recommended that you rent a car during your stay on Kauai Island. The untouched beauty of Kauai makes it a paradise with its steep cliffs and waterfalls, lush trails and rainforests, Kauai invites you to come and discover. wellness.

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Where' s Kauai?

Kauai, Hawaii - many call it "The Garden Isle" and for good reasons. Only a few islets in the worid can compete with the luxuriant tropic beauties of Kauai. Where' s Kauai? Situated in the South Pacific Ocean at 22 latitude, Kauai is 70 leagues north west of Oahu, making it Hawaii's northernmost island.

Hawaii's Pacific isles. Kauai offers a great diversity of scenery with stunning rocks, gentle slopes and deep dales full of green ery and gorgeous sands. Initially a slippery volcano hill, Kauai was masterly sculpted by Mother Nature, leading to some of the world's most stunning rocks, summits and dales.

On the northwestern coast of Kauai you will find the coast of Na Pali, with impressive rocks rising almost 3,000 ft into the skies and 14 nautical mile glittering shoreline. Na Pali's steep rocks and steep dales are so jagged that no roads have been constructed to date to encircle the isle.

Indeed, much of the fissured land is preserved, as was the case with Kauai's indigenous peoples. On the eastern side you will find sandy and sandy areas, ideal for walking or shelling. The southern side of the isle is flatter and has more sheltered shores for a swim.

On the southern bank of Kauai is the Poipu Beach with its sandy beach and sparkling waters. Head westwards and you will find more walks on the beach and more spectacular rocks. The Kauai is the oldest of all Hawaii' islands.

Like the other isles, it was born as a warm magma from the Pacific Ocean bottom. A lot of folks wonder how the island came to live when it was once just a vulcanic rocker. For many millennia the seed has been borne to the island by the winds.

From the Marquesas Islands, the first humans came to the Hawaii islands sometime around the 4th or 5th centuries A.D. They had to cover about 2,500 nautical mileage in large hull cannoes constructed for long journeys to get there. There was practically no foodable flora when they got here. They only had enough to feed themselves with until their harvests were ripe.

The Kauai has a very small but varied local community. In contrast to most US states, Kaucasians (or Haoles, as they are called in Hawaii) are a minor group, making up only about thirty per cent of the Kauai state' s community. There are over 58,000 Kauai ethnically grouped.

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