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At the moment there is a discrepancy because my mother, my sister and my brother do not want to stay in Oahu because they have heard "how much nice Kauai is". to the east coast of kauai oahu molokai maui and the great island. Oahu is still recovering from weekend rain and floods.

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I' m going to Hawaii for 10 day and use points for hotel, so the possibilities are restricted. At first I reserved the Ritz Carlton in Maui for 5 overnight stays, so I still have 4 overnight stays to schedule. I was planning to stay in Oahu every 4 night, but when I checked into the hotel where I could use my points, they were all gone for 2 of the 4 after that.

Stay 4 overnight stays on Oahu, use points for 2 and get 2 overnight stays out of my bag. Optional 2 is to stay 2 overnight on Oahu (points) and then 2 overnight at the Hyatt Grand Kauai. I am, however, worried about going to three isles in 10 and a half-day.

We really only want to make a few of the most important Oahu sights (Perlenhafen, Diamantkopf, etc.). I' d also like to spend a few relaxing moments on Kauai. I' ve been told, Oahu is very touristic, bustling, etc, so am I ripped apart what to do?

Oahu, Kauai and the Great Island

Hawaii is more than just windsurfing, shaving ices, pineapple and sylvester. It is an archive full of opportunities. Here is our travel guidebook to find out which of the islands is best suited for you and to get the most out of your next journey to the state of Aloha. Hongulu is the simplest town in Hawaii that can be reached from the continent and most visitors land on Waikiki.

It is a funny, lively neighbourhood and for a small area it is a great task to offer unforgettable adventures with abundant, genuine cultural heritage, such as the Lu'au seafront at the Royal Hawaiian Resort. Just south of the crowd on Waikiki is another luxury resort, the Kahala Hotel & Resort, where you can get the best Kahala style lomy massages on the islands in the All-Suite Spas.

Don't be trapped if you think Oahu is all about Waikiki. Approximately 10,000 people visited a Lauau in 1847 to commemorate Hawaiian Restoration Day. Hawaii is the only state in the state that can cultivate cocoa and there are a number of confectionery producers on the isle.

Register here and get to know the complicated processes of making chocolates before watering your own bars and stuffing them with ingredients such as rose, marshmallow, marine salts and grinded coffee, much of which is cultivated in the gardens. And Mud Hen Water serves the most interesting modern Hwaiian cuisine on Oahu in a small-sized, informal plate-set.

Traditional and deliciously delicious snacks, Hawaiian style cream ed spinach in a Lu'au and creamy dairy cream gravy. Kenney inaugurated its newest restaurants, Mahina & Sun's, in the recently refurbished Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club and is the city's most sought-after reserve.

To take a cute present home with you, go to Royal hawaiian cookie on Waikiki. Your honeysuckle honeys and Florentine seeds with Hwaiian spins are more refined and stylish than the shortcrust you'll find in Honolulu Cookie Company's omnipresent shops. Or, why not pay a trip to the Haleiwa based Howaiian Shachu Company for a fine Namihana Shachu wine?

The couple Ken and Yumiko Hirata make only 6,000 boiled potatoes from Hawaii every year, and the only place to try and buy a boiled egg is their humble butchery. Whilst Oahu is a equilibrium between cosmopolitans and the natural world, in Kauai it really is a rainforest.

" It is not possible to circle the entire archipelago by plane, so a flight by airplane will give you the best view. Only two or three nights are enough to land the remainder of the islands, and your greatest choice of accommodation will be whether you want to remain on the northern or southern shores.

When you choose the sunny southern side, you will be staying at the Ko'a Kea Hotel & Spa on Poipu Strand. This 121-room retailer has a more personal atmosphere than the neighbouring Marriott and Sheraton complex. You' re so near the sea. The more remote northern bank is home to several St. Regis plots, among them the St. Regis Princeville, which manages to integrate the St. Regis standard (nocturnal sparkling wine saber, butlerservice) into a relaxed Hawaiian area.

There is an exquisite Jean-Georges Barbeque and Kauai Grill, along with the best spas on the Isle, where vegans, OSEA biological and Hawaiian Malie Organics produce will nurture your skins after a long sunny outing. The Waimea Canyon on the western side of Kauai is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

Walking down is simple, but you will want to fill up on refrigerated coir to drift you back up the 2,000-foot elevator drop along the 2. 5 mile lane. This is a small islet with so many gemstones to hide, many of them smallholders and small-scale artisan grocers. At Kauai Farmacy, where shelters, seasonings and artisan tea are cultivated with love, you' ll get to know something about herbism.

The former school teacher Aletha Thomas has created more than 50 seasonsal marmalades and conserves entirely from Kauai fruits and also offers bakery products, quiches and sugarloaf pinapple drink (the cutest pinapple you will ever taste) in her new cafe. There are juices and smoothies around the corners with so many exotic fruits.

While Aloha'Aina produces the best acetone peel and smoothie, Kauai Juice Co. specialises in cold-pressed juice. Farmer's market is held almost every single weekday, and these are the best places to get an insight into the regional cuisine. Mostly called Big Island, Hawaii is home to different climate zones and the only volcanos in the state.

Both Kilauea and Maunaloa are in Hawaii National Park, with the first breaking out steadily since 1983 and the second breaking out soon. Discover the volcanos, rain forests, mountains highlands and cascades with Hawaii Forest & Trail, Hawaii's leading small group itinerary. On the way we went through OK Farm and tasted the macadamias and tropic fruits, which I picked directly from the trees, as well as litchi.

Harrison (our leader, who is also an organically grown farmer) took us on a short loop at his home to get me a new one when I told him I didn't yet have one. It is just one example of the deep soul of Alpha that I felt on this isle and a memory of enjoying the little joys of being.

Hilo Hawaiian hotels are lean, but Hilo Hawaiian hotels are your best choice. The Mauna Kea is the most spectacular of these hotels, nestling in Kauna'oa Bay and the most beautiful sandy beaches on the isle. Mauna Kea was the first world-class Big Iceland destination when it opened in 1965.

In 2007, when the residence was renovated for $150 million, the company reduced the number of rooms by 50 per cent. There is no need to walk out of the estate between the Rees Jones design course, aquatic activity, swimming pools, spas, shopping, beaches and good cuisine. The Sunday Brunck is an establishment for local people and tourists, with a local and visitor restaurants, a pub with fresh sea fruits, a colourful salads and fruits bars and a desert menu.

You can choose from a selection of drinks, wines and beers, among them the characteristic Mauna Kea Mule with its own brand of maltster.

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