Four Seasons Lanai

Lanai Four Seasons

Lanai is unveiling Four Seasons Village Lanai Four Seasons Estate, formerly known as Four Seasons at Manele Bay, has opened its gates after major renovation work. John Hardy Group was in charge of the redesign of the luxurious Hwaiian Resorts, while Todd Avery-Lanahan from TAL Studio was responsible for the 217-room building's interiors. Through the creation of a modern aesthetics that reflect the sounds and texture of the Hwaiian islands, and the use of naturally occurring material such as stones and woods throughout the interiors, the residence maintains a feeling of closeness to it.

In addition, all guest rooms and suite were modernized and new shops were set up. Guest rooms and suite have been furnished with custom furnishings and commissions to enhance cultural context designs, curating works of art from across Polynesia, Micronesia and Hawaii.

Todd Avery-Lenahan of TAL Studio is in charge of the re-design of the Four Seasons Resort Lanai in Manele Bay.

Four Seasons Lanai in Manele Bay unveiled another stage of its multi-million US dollars transformations with the launch of re-designed guest rooms and suite designs that included custom furniture and work. Todd Avery-Lenahan from TAL Studio was in charge of the entire redesign of the area. Situated on the slopes on the banks of Hulopoe Bay, visitors can be accommodated through parks and aqueducts, many of which are surrounded by Lanais rocks and geological formation.

New is also the Lower Lobby, which now features a decor that mirrors the sounds and texture of the islands and add to Hawaii' aesthetics. It also includes works of art from all over Polynesia, Micronesia and Hawaii, among them a mid-20th c. billuma pencil case and old Hwaiian ivory-pikake flowers lei, as well as Micronesian Gilbert Iceland Sharktooth Sabers and various print.

Visit 300 of your sector at the fourth MR&H in Athens, Greece to see some of the most prestigious investments and developments in the Mediterranean. Every room has a ready-made entrance made of hardwood and rock, which framed the arrivals event. Influenced by Hawaii and Polynesia, the interior is made of tea- and zebrawood with handcrafted Nepalese Lokta papers and flooring made of Mahagoni with hand-woven carpet.

Rooms and suite are also organically furnished and furnished with palisander, leathers, iron and canvas. Rooms also have a winebar and sparkling with wardrobes and furniture to store clothes and the new Four Seasons Bed. The bathroom is lined with slates, polystyrene covered wall and handcrafted tile, with double-wide rainstorms or deeply soaked baths.

The washstand brackets with leather-covered and engraved slabs of stones are equipped with individual fittings, adjustable lights and backlight TV. A new shopping event outside the entrance hall courtesy of Seaside Luxe complements the area. Situated on an islet a few leagues westward of Maui, Four Seasons Resorts Lanai comprises Manele Bay and The Lodge in Koele.

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