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Stuff to do in Maui

Yes, there is much to do in Maui! As a matter of fact, some of the best sites and activities are free. Our list of Maui must do's will help you to create unforgettable memories with countless events, activities and attractions to discover. So in short, everyone (me, Sarah and our cousins) had an epic time. A day on Maui - Take the road to Hana.

The best Maui activities on a budget: There are 17 free rides.

There are 17 of the best Maui activity with a price tag - and they will be free. Free Attractions are a great way to make your savings! Doing one of the best things in Maui for free goes off the battered route and finds a splendid sandy spot that is NOT crowded with intruders.

It is really a trip of magical pureness and by far one of the best Maui activity with a great deal of money - I still recall the strong sense of respect I felt when I saw the beautifulness around me when we first started out. That is the Maui of your tropic imagination.

And apart from the costs for your fuel tanks, the Hana Highway is free of charge. Each evening just before sundown, you perceive the call of a seashell at Kaanapali Bai. The Lahaina Cannery Mall provides free classes every Tuesday at 5:45 pm. Whenever I put on my wet suit and snorkeling equipment and walk in the untouched water in front of the shore, I am astonished that something free can be so much enjoy.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the best Maui activity with a lowdown. A few of my favorite snorkelling places right on the beach: You will find it in the 150 year old court building on Prison Street in Lahaina, next to Banyan Tree Park (another place not to be missed, which will not be a penny away!

and is located on the top floor of the Wharf Cinema Center at 658 Front Street. Here you will find artefacts and photographs showing the lives and periods of the West Maui plantations of sugars and pineapples. A re-creation of the old Lahaina Center, Hale Kahiko is definitely a must if you're looking for the best Maui activity on a budget. Hale Kahiko is a great place to be.

Things are so awesome, especially if you are fortunate enough to have them catching going nuts, bubbling waters high. The Nakalele Bowhole on the western side, past Kapalua, is another great choice, my favoriteowhole. Visit Whaler's Village off Kaanapali Beach every Tuesday and Friday for your free work-shops.

When you are saving on rentals by saving on rentals, many of them have boiler houses for you. It' one of those Maui things with a great price that is sure to make you giggle like a little child once you get the knack. I' ll wager you never thought it would be as much as here in Maui.... try it out, you'll see what I mean!

But if you want to know ALL available choices, the best source I've found so far is Sarah Benson's Top Trails Maui. You will see the hiking map on large signposts all over Lahaina, or you can go to the Old Lahaina Courthouse and get a hard copy.

You will find Baldwin Home on the intersection of Dickenson and Front Street in Lahaina. Lahaina Cannery Mall hosts a free show every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm and a free Keiki (Children) Hero Show on the weekend at 1 pm. You can also enjoy the free tiki shows in Whaler's Village off Kaanapali Beach.

The Wailuku First Friday is a funny outdoor party that takes place every first Friday of the months in Wailuku. It' running from 6:00 to 9:00 on Market St. between Main and Vineyard St. Caanapali Strand on the western side, Kamaaole beaches on the southern side, or you can stop on the Honoapiilani Highway between Maalaea and Lahaina.

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