Best of Maui

The best of Maui

Located in a sheltered bay and lined with palm trees, Kapalua Beach is probably one of the best beaches in Maui. It is naturally quiet to get up early, have a cup of coffee and find your way to the best beach in the area to watch the sunrise. The newest bike shop on the island, which rents the BEST bikes. We' re Maui's nearest bike rental and repair shop for Makawao Forest, Skyline, Haleakala Crater and more.

Maui' s 7 best farms to see.

While these can be the main reason for holidays in the Aloha state, there is actually much more to do than baking in the hot air, especially when travelling to Maui. All over the islands there are a multitude of unbelievable farmhouses that you can visit, from an ecological orchard to a cheesemaking farm.

Whether you live in the holiday village of Wailea, where a journey inland from Maui is only a brief car ride away, or the hike to the quiet and quiet city of Hana (which by the way is the unbelievably curvy street with its wonderful views which is well rewarded two hrs from the airport), here are seven extraordinary farmhouses which are definitely deserving a stop.

They are so unbelievably smooth and delicious that a host of places use them, among them the recently re-designed Humuhumunukunukunukuapuaa at the Grand Wailea Reserve. Hana Gold is a cocoa estate run by her husbands and wives Robert and Francine Frost together with their sons and daughters-in-law, all of whom are largely self-taught and have spent years trying to refine their work.

Come to the Frosts to take a look at their trial, be sure to get a Molokai Seasalt and don't make the error of missing the chocolate cake maker named Molokai Jully, an unexpected win-win. OnoOrganics Farms has been in the possession of Chuck and Lilly Boerner since 1972 and is one of the leading bio-farms in the country.

Indeed, Chuck was a founder member of the Hawaii Organic Farming Association and understood the necessary standard to reach this level of organic farming excellence. On Tuesday afternoon there are trips where you can not only see how a wide range of delicious fruits such as Jackfrucht, Sappodilla and Sternapfel are cultivated, but you can also try them.

Frahling enthusiasts will not want to miss the Oo Farm breakfast trip. That could be the best start to the whole outing. It is a great way for children to ride the tramway and visit a nursery with more than 40 plants that have been picked, or to see them from above when climbing down one of the many cable cars.

Though it has initially shut down its holding, Hana Farm currently has 3,600 acre for grass-fed beef. Visit the lemon plantations and see some of the animals along the way, but for the final adventure the runch has partnered with the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea for a trip to the runch by heli ( "helicopter" after seeing some falls and luxuriant rainforests along the way),

Hip on a UTV to surveying the estate, and end your days with a luncheon that will be cooked by four seasons executives chief Craig Dryhurst and Hana Ranch's boss Gary Johnson. Even if you're not on this unique quest, you can try Johnson's creation at a personal farm meal or a snack in the Hana Burger Food Truck, which has recently been extended to include a more complete cuisine.

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