Maori name for North Island

Name of Maori for North Island

Aropawa Te, Arapawa Te, An island in Queen Charlotte Sound; a common district name. Maui' s Fish: How the North Island got its name

That'?s how he got his name. He was a half god in the legend of M?ori - a smart animator famous for his many great doings. As Maui' s older brethren declined to let him participate in their angling tour one of these days, he hid at the bottom of the wakas or canoes until it was safe at Sea.

Maui' s brethren were angry and didn't want to give him a lure or a catch, so Maui used his grandmother's magic jaw bone, which he lured with his own passion. Using these implements, he grabbed a huge catch and dragged it to the top. As Maui took the remainder of the town, his ravenous brethren began to dismantle the fishing for themselves, chopping it with their guns and cutting large pieces off.

The North Island got its rough terrains of hills, dales, lakes and rocks. Looking at a North Island chart, one sees the top of the penguin with its tip and its southern tip and its flippers on both sides, which form Taranaki and the east coast.

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