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Map of Maui

Sava West Maui offers a wide range of restaurants, shops and activities for everyone. | Resort Card | Pool Card. You will find us next to Wailea Beach on the southwestern shore of Maui. To find your favourite places on Maui, click on any area of the map below. Campsite map of Maui:

Snorkelling Basics & Map

In Maui you can go snorkelling and with a little know-how you will find great snorkelling in Maui! Snorkelling over the coral canyon! First thing you learnt when snorkelling is that you can see sharks like the coral canal. Maui' surrounding a coral outcrop! While some areas have more reefs than others, all an expert snorer needs is a view from the coast with polarised glasses and perhaps a view near the sea with the help of Google satellites.

Maui' s snorkelling cards, which can be found in rentals, travel guides and the above, are really only for beginners and beginners - these are usually great places to go and you are sure to see lots of seals. For snorkelling, hire your equipment at the resort's snorkelling or diving stores.

It' cheaper and the equipment is better than the cheaper equipment you can buy in the big pitboxes. The most common are Boss Frog and Snoorkel Bob - but smaller diving bases are also great! They all have skilled personnel who can give you the right snorkeling fits and advice and proposals on where to go snorkelling in the latest weathershow.

When you are not well versed, a watched lido or snorkelling is a great way to study. You' ll be taught to set your mask and clean your mask without having to stop before going over a flat canyon. Try your best never to get caught snorkelling. West-Maui: North Maui: South Maui:

How to get to Kahului Airport (OGG)

You will find us next to Wailea Beach on the southwestern bank of Maui. We are only 35 min southwards from Kahului Airport (OGG). Whilst there are many airlines offering non-stop services to Maui, you can also take a 20-minute Oahu service by connecting via Honolulu International (HNL). You can even rent a vehicle on the spot so you can discover Maui the way you want.

Keep going touunene. Keep right when you pass over to Mokulele Hwy (Hwy 311). Drive the Mokulele Hwy for about 6 km until it merges into the Piilani Hwy (Hwy 31). Proceed on Piilani Hwy (Hwy 31) to the end (about 6 miles) and turn into Wailea Ike Drive. Turn into Wailea Alanui Drive at the end of Wailea Ike Drive.

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