Waiheke Day Spa

The Waiheke Day Spa

Or, if you prefer, relax and enjoy your treatment in the privacy of your suite overlooking stunning Owhanake Bay on Waiheke Island. Anu-Spa Experience. Anu-Spa' s Karyn Sneddon and her colleague Cushla have set up massage tables.

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It is a trip to stimulating the sense that nourishes the human organism and smells delicious. A full bodybrush to stimulation of the sense. Immerse yourself in the showers and individual aroma massages to revitalize yourself. The aim of this procedure is to really get into the essentials of what is not working in your orgasm. It is a relaxing and unifying massaging experience for mother and child.

Soft ï¬'owing blows help to relieve tenseness, improve blood flow, and keep the sensation of being nourished and beloved. Use of massaging technique specially adapted to the muscles to preserve and improve physical activity. Through the use of slower extension and retention technologies that allow the fascia to loosen, the organism is realigned and the muscular tissues lengthen and provide more room for the correct function of the muscular structures, neurons and intestines.

It uses warm oil that nourishes the coat and makes it look smooth and sheeny. The old way of medicine uses the vitality in order to cure, harmonise and compensate the bodily physiological, psychological, emotional as well as intellectual states. Pedicure, exfoliation, massage. Pampering of feet, renovation of face treatment, massages.

Pampering, massages, facial rejuvenation.

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Choose Waiheke Island Day Spa, H&B from the drop-down menu below. Portable - Delamore Lodge is a one-of-a-kind harbour with four luxurious guesthouse apartments and a two-bedroom suite with stunning scenic vistas of the Hauraki Gulf on Waiheke Island. Auckland - Waiheke Island Day Spa, Waiheke Island Day Card shows tourist sites in your selected area, town, village or town.

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Spa, massages, facial treatment and yoga are just some of the available therapies. Activate again on Waiheke. It is our joy to provide a level of services that delivers true results. There is a portable day spa and a full wellness meal in our Oneroa studios in the Wellness Lounge. yurt: Yoghurt for you.

oga for You is a gentler way of approaching modern martial arts practice with a strong and balanced lifestyle. The course is for both beginner and advanced students who have the feeling that orientation and recreation are as important as the challenges of the body. We specialise in indulging in a relaxing treatment that allows you to relieve tension and pain.

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