Fiji which Island to go to

Fiji, which island should I go to?

ÎÒÎÒÛ ÎÒÃÎÒÃÎÒÃ 5 IS WHY THEY SHOULD HOP IN FIJI There is so much more to Fiji than just slurping pina colada at the Denarau hotelpool (not that we would mind!). To get to know this South Pacific paradise, consider an island hoping experience on the breathtaking Yasawa Islands. There is something for every kind of marine explorer, from relaxed snorkeling right on your doorstep (Fijian Sea Hut) to qualified diving around kaleidoscope canals.

Per Tip: Barefoot Kuata provides an epoxy shower of life as you are dumped on a mid oceans of reefs to dive between stunning blacktip fish. When the Fiji sundowns are simply not impressing enough for you (Jesus, hard audience), turn it up a score with a sundown tubeing-nighttrip. Hop into your bathing suit, get your favourite local Fiji beers, and get yourself prepared to hover across the sea as the sky becomes a wonderful blend of bright red, bright red and mauve.

Fiji could expect to use Disneyland as the "happiest place in the world" for its bucks because the natives are ALWAYS laughing. Canalize your inner pirates and enjoy a full moon out to sea with a few abandoned islets, stunning bathing areas and genuine Fiji cooking.

You' ll be able to serenade with Fiji melodies while you eat new watermelons on the ship, discover the island where Tom Hanks and Wilson were hanging, take a bath in the hot sea and perhaps be fortunate enough to see some sharks on the way home.

Matangi Private Island Fiji Visitor Hints

Celebrated as an extravagant holiday resort for pairs, family and large groups. When you are in Fiji for the first getaway, here are some useful information to help you make the most of your holiday. Though Fiji has a year round tropic weather, there is a rainy and arid period.

A way to make sure you have a good quality holiday while you visit Fiji is to spend the night at Mitangi Private Island Resort. In order to make a reservation, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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