Stewart Island Supermarket

Supermarket Stewart Island

The Stewart Island Four Square, Stewart Island. Remember that there are no banks or ATMs on Stewart Island. Take a left onto Elgin Terrace, past the supermarket and up the hill.

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We' re going to spend three days in a rented house in Stewart Island. Or does the food retailer on Stewart Island have it? So I don't know how big it is, but it'll have all the bases. We remain on Stewart Island and were informed that the place is full and the price is slightly above the coast.

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The Oban Harbour in Scotland serves the Hebrides and other West Scottish islands. So is Oban, Stewart Island. Oban arrives by plane or by boat and offers a view of scenic little beaches and inlets. Oban's constant populace is less than 400. Visitor information centre is located in the main street of the house.

The Rakiura Museum is the place to go to to get an impression of the past on the island. Bootstouren and Bustouren can you in the Stewart Island Flights Depot, in the Fährterminal, with The Agency, with Stewart Island Travel or Oban Taxis & routes in the Main St. post.

The Fernery ", an arts and crafts museum with a focus on nature, is a ten-minute stroll from the "city centre". "The Travel Inn tearooms" offer snacks and takeaway. It is the island community center. It is Oban Whisky - from our "sister city" on the other side of the globe.

We are the only large service club on Stewart Island. It' worth bringing some money, as there are no bankers on Stewart Island.

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