Inexpensive small backpacker accommodation right next to Wayalailai Eco Haven and owned by a local Fijian family. I' d just returned to Nadi from a happy ten-day stay on Wayalailai, an island in the Yasawa chain. Most of the islands like Wayalailai and Kuata offer incredible hiking opportunities if you want to stay on land. The Wayalailai is located in the southern Yasawas, one of the most beautiful areas of Fiji.

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Wella Lailai is an islet on the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. Yasawa Adventures Fiji offers the Yasawa Flyer as your main transportation to and through the Yasawa Islands from Nadi. When changing within the Yasawas, a more economical alternative is a boat charter in good conditions, but be aware that it will take much longer and you may run out of bunk!

Yasawa Adventures has an agency on Hauptstra├če where you can rent the Yasawa flyer and the ferry leaves Denarau at 8:30 a.m. every day. The kids take a ship to go to school and the natives use the long boats to go from islands to islands. Beverage the coconut and make jewellery with native ladies.

Enjoy the nights drinking caava with native men. Not much to buy on the isle and the little there is goes back to the town. A few indigenous girls are selling jewellery and other small things to the tourist. The Waya Lailai Eco Haven Resort is a small all-inclusive youth Hostel with welcoming personnel and beautiful views.

Adventures Awesome offers an escape to Wayalailai for your sojourn.

So I went to Waya Lai Lai on a charity mission. It was our stopover between LAX and Nukualofa, Tonga. During our services were in Tonga, we were able to spend 3 relaxing and playing at Waya Lai Lai. As we arrived on the isle, the members of the resorts team sang for us as we entered the bath.

There was such a buzz of excitement to see the beautiful view of the isle with the soundtrack. This made our experiences even better. However, we never had a problem with the bed, and while the bath was small and the showers chilled, who needs a hot water showers when you have the hot sea next to you?

It was an unbelievable adventure that I enjoyed so much! Vistas and landscape of this isle are unique. There was a lot of smooth and funny clay to work on. It was Waya Lai Lai who was better than Nadi. Nobody at the resort got ill while we were there.

All in all I liked our experiences with Waya Lai Lai and I am looking forward to taking more of my familiy and mates!

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