Gambier Island Property

Gambrian Island property

There is a well for running water and electricity. There is a well for running water and electricity. There is no price history for this property. Nice plot with several potential building sites. During your next trip, consider a Gambier Island holiday home for your accommodation.

Gambian Island Waterfront

A comprehensive range of plots on Howe Sound's favourite Gambier Island, this four plot pack offers space for 275 acre and about 14,500ft of water. Located on the western side of the island, this offer offers a precious wood stock and restricted recreation area. Howe Sound's large water areas are restricted in terms of volume and accessibility.

Gambé Island is a brief cruise from West Vancouver and Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast. Gambier Island is a very favourite holiday resort for cottage holders and over 100 full-time inhabitants and is the biggest island in Howe Sound. Whilst Gambier does not offer business travel facilities, the island has power and phone in excess of the regular BC Ferry flights to New Brighton from the Long Dale Station (south of Gibsons).

There' s no auto shuttle to the island, but there are several streets and cars on the island.

Plot for salvage Strata Lot 18, Gambier Island, BC

9.9 acres of land on Gambier Island. The Douglas Bay is a privately owned, water-bearing settlement in the north-east of the island - just a brief cruise away from Horseshoe Bay or Sunset Marina. Close to the beach and the road to Lake Gambier. The plot 18 is located at the southwestern edge of the settlement and is enclosed by a park landscape.

Light vantage point at the property outskirts with excellent view of Anvil Island, Howe Sound and the North Shore Mountains. Dee Elliott Personal Real Estate Corporation Macdonald Realty Ltd.

Voluntary help on our nice off-grid

I' m also the Group Fitness Director in a fitness studio in Vancouver city centre and have been working there for many years as a personal trainer, yoga & fitness instructor and head of the local group fitness programs. Located on a remote island site in Brigade Bay, Gambier Island in Howe Sound, British Columbia, Canada, on just over 6 hectares of unspoilt wildlife.

This land was purchased just over 13 years ago and there was nothing on it except a bored well, a septically inspected fields and a dirt track that connected us to 64 other land plots. When we first saw the property, we loved it - at the top of the entrance we had a wonderful view of the mountain and the sea - we had to buy it!

The sea is our favourite and we also like to kayak and windsurf. Also we like to walk in the forest and have even tried to camp in the winter wonderfully. Nearly 24 years ago, when we got remarried, our common vision was to own a yacht and finally buy an island plot.

We were able to buy our first yacht twelve years ago - we spend a great deal of our trip to Gambier Island, which is very near Vancouver and only 20 minutes from Sewell's Marina, where we had a mooring at the then. We love the feeling of the island!

Shortly afterwards we found out that a new fellowship was founded at the "Brigade Bay" - one of the five coves of the island. We had never had a house before and had never tried to build or build it. We' had some very special experience and difficult circumstances - our island has no local transport, so all our provisions and cars had to be brought to the island in a tug.

In the first year on the island we constructed several deck, outbuildings and a 12' x16' one-room hut with wooden-oven. Throughout the year we enjoyed being there so much that we resolved to expand the hut with a 12'x12' cuisine. This weekend, after we enjoyed the getaway from the town, we made the decision to construct a home and maybe withdraw in it at some point.

After we had only constructed our small cab and our small platforms, we took over the construction of a 1,300 sqm house ourselves. In addition, we commissioned a firm to supply and cast our concrete for the foundations when the need arose. The Panabode Log Home was chosen together with a large wraparound decking.

It is a room from which you can admire the views. We' ve made 52 foundations for the building by boring into the rocks and then the poles have gone up from there. There was a whole summers with a 9:30 pm lasers event at 9:30 pm to make sure that all of our contributions that went up were flat.

We erected the bars this summers - just the two of us - and then we went to work on the beam case and then on the base of the ground. The furnishings of our house: The rainwater is collected from our rooftop and diverted to gutters, which then channel our rainwater into several septic tank located under the shelter.

It is used for showering, toilets, laundry and dishwashing. We have our own faucet in the building, which draws our potable running water from the well - the potable running from the well is fed into a waste-holding reservoir under the building, which is equipped with a floating-switches.

It' telling our pumps when the plumbing gets cold. All our lamps in the home and in the cab, as well as our refrigerator are powered by ours. We were a work of charity and now everything is done! We were renting a small flat in the town of Vancouver in Stanley Park all the while and visited the island every weekend.

Then 4 mornings ago, we agreed that we would stay in the home from May to September so that we could take the 1-hour drive into town to work during the workweek. Shortly after the completion of the home I resolved that I would try to raise free-range chicken for egg.

Last year I adopted 2 female cats from the SPCA, which I renamed Mooka and Saba. Having established this island's picturesque lifestyle, we are now experiencing our first winters and live here on the island. Stevie Ray', our loyal 26' vessel, is able to take us through almost any kind of turbulent sea condition, but when it's storm force' condition on the sea, we simply work from home.

Another of my other passion is herbal medicine - in the town I worked with a beautiful medical herbalist and learnt a great deal from her. It was my source of inspirations to plant some of the island's medical gardening, and just this past year I had her here to educate 10 Vancouver residents, just 60 minutes away, on a herbal medicine day.

It is my aim to bring more healing plants into my current garden, in order to create more on the back of our property, where there is plenty of space. At dinner time we will all have dinner together in our master cottage, and at other hours you can cook your meals with our grill and dine outside or in the cottage and admire the view of the sea and the mountain.

They use an outside showers right next to the cab, which has a warm watertreatment system and absorbs rainwater from the top. Sometimes we don't get to work very early in the morning - we love to eat our coffees and hang out with the stags, hens and cat and then go to work around 9:30 or 10am.

And we don't have a tendency to work too late either - the hours of a job are usually around 4:30 pm, so we can spend the afternoons enjoying ourselves and maybe go to the beaches or docks for a soak. There' s entrance to the waters, but we are high enough on a small mound with a broad view.

You' ll be able to admire the magnificent view of the sea and mountain. If it comes to having a little downtime, we have a lovely pergolasque protection equipped with a hammock and bench and a fire. - Two of our kittens are here and we can use your help to give them a meal and breakfasts in the hut, so if you have an allergy or don't like them, it won't be good for you either.

It is a pleasure to have a good and enjoyable stay and a good drink with a good evening meal. IMPORTANT POSSIBILITIES FOR YOU OFF-ISLAND: We have a tendency to go to the Vancouver Metropolitan Area several days a week to work there, and you are welcome to come with us to the Metropolitan Area to see some of the sights.

Stanley Park tour busses also take you to the'Capilano hanging bridge' on the north bank, about 30 minutes outside the town. A hanging gangway over a canyon with roaring rain. Many call it "The Grind" - a very rapid ascent - or take the cable car to the top - enjoying the view, a meal or a brief walk around the summit.

We' ll also be glad to take you to Horseshoe Bay, which is located on the way to the town and only 15 minutes from Lions Bay Marina, where we'll take the ferry. You can take a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Bowen Island (just 30 minutes by ferry) - a great place to go for the rest of the year!

There are also many scheduled busses that can take you to many other parts of Vancouver.

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