Ionian Islands Greece

The Ionian Islands Greece

Ithaca, Corfu (Kerkyra), Kefalonia, Lefkada and Paxi are the six great Ionian islands. The Condé Nast Traveller free travel guide provides information on places of interest, restaurants, accommodation and activities in the Ionian Islands, Greece. Sights on the Ionian Islands. Corfu is known as the emerald island of Greece among the most lush of the countless islands. Like its most famous member Corfu, the Ionian Group is a cooler, greener version of Greece, with more cypresses and olive groves.

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Ionian Islands are located off the west coastline of Greece in a line from Zakynthos in the southern to Corfu in the nothern. The Ionian Islands all mirror the impact of near Italy, but Corfu also has a strong touch of Britain. It is large enough to handle it, especially in the low seasons, and still contains some precious stones.

Paxi, made up of two small islands, Paxos and Antipaxos, is the place where adventuresome visitors have gone as Corfu has become more and more crowded, but these can now be quite crowded and are best to avoid again in August. Antipaxos is more than just a beach for you. There are still great sandy areas - some say they are the best of the Ionians.

Ithaca is missing the breathtaking sand of some of the other Ionian Islands. There are some great walking paths and the connection with Homer's Odyssee contributes to the romantic. The Zakynthos could serve as a distillery for the entire Ionian Sea - parts of the coastline have been obsolete by general tourist packages, but off the mainland there are still secluded bays and a hilly inland.

The tavern rates in Greece are remarkable similar, and if anything, they have fallen in recent years. One of the best ways to be in the centre of the impressive old city of Corfu (Unesco UNESCO site). There' are many good restaurants in Corfu City.

From the two fortresses at both ends of the old city, the so-called New Fortress is probably the more entertaining and offers a magnificent view over the city and the Old Fortress. Corfu's north-east coastline is sometimes known as "Kensington on Sea", and there are many high-priced mansions, many with their own butlers.

Renting a small vessel and cruising from cove to cove is one of the pleasures of this coastline. This tavern in the San Stefano cove is one of the best moorings. There is a convent sitting inappropriately between the towers, but the main cause is the view, which covers most of Corfu and a good part of Albania.

However, when you leave, you will have the feeling of having the beautiful, 2 km long isle almost to yourself, especially in the evening, when the boating is underway. The Ionian Villas has three real estate here. Meals are served in taverns, but the seafood is delicious and crisp. Lefkada's tourist industry is much quieter than some of the other Ionian Islands, but there are still many studio and apartment rentals.

It is Rouda Bays ticking all the stalls - roomy but basic rooms, welcoming personnel, an adjoining tavern and right on the sands. Dessimi is the next cove of Rouda and it is one of the most beautiful ones on the isle. The Pirofani tavern is located right in the midst and almost on the sands.

Its surroundings alone would be definitely a worthwhile visit, but they also succeed in serving tasty classic Greeks. When you can break away from the taverns and sandy beach, Lefkada has a spectacular landscape, especially the spectacularly beautiful lefkada rocks (the color of which gives the name to the island). Some of the most beautiful are at Cape Lefkatas, the south tip of the isle.

Inns in Greece always seem to be friendlier than their beach mates; they may have to make more of an effort to draw in people. This small guesthouse is situated in the beautiful city of Vathy, and was renovated in a nineteenth cent. citadel. A varied and home-made breakfasts and free bikes for our visitors to discover the isle.

It is the place to be in Vathy and this tavern is the best of those who line it. Ithaca makes much of its association with Homer and there are various places on the islands that are speculative associated with places in the Ulysses. Faraklata is a small hamlet to the west of Argostoli, the main town of the archipelago.

In Argostoli, this tavern has an envious position, with desks on a jetty above the canal. Ayios Georgios was the mediaeval capitol of the archipelago, a few kilometers from Argostoli towards the interior. One of the many quakes that have hit the islands has devastated it, but the Venice fort has remained in remarkabletact.

Close to Sami - the old capitol of the archipelago, where much was shot by Captain Corelli - this camping site is situated on a good sandy area. The sites are shadowed by eucalypt and mulberries. There are all the amenities you would want, with a tavern and free Wi-Fi.

Many accommodations on Zakynthos are blocked by travel packages. For a more intimate feel-good nights in the cove, drive to Zakynthos Town, where this tavern serves a variety of specialties, as well as the opportunity to listen to cantadhes - Italian-style popular balls - later on.

Zakynthos' sandy shores are a fertile soil for the threatened loggerheads. It is unlikely that you can see them, because they get in the sand at nights when the beach is reserved only for them. For more information, please check out the Sea and Wildlife Information Centre in Gerakas, where you can also find one of the most beautiful sandy spots along the coastline.

Brethren take excursions by ship (see below), but they also have some very unique accommodations on the Cape Skinari cliff at the north tip of Zakynthos. Shipwreck Bay is located in the western part of the island and is already known from numerous post cards and online listings of the best beach in the whole canal. Korfu:

Easy-Jet ( and Ronair ( now offer non-stop services to Corfu from several British airfields from around £100. There is a choice of year round internal services from Athens and Thessaloniki for £50-60. There are also ferry boats from the mainland Greece and Italy (greeceferries. com, Lefkada: Charters depart from approximately £250 round trip with

Ryanair, as well as several airlines, offer a flight back to Argostoli from £100. Internal services from Athens and Thessaloniki begin at £50 round trip. As in Corfu, ferries are available from various harbours in Greece and Italy. Yakynthos: Easyjet and the regular seasonal air tickets from the UK to Yakynthos begin again at around £100.

Year round departures from Athens begin at £60. There' s also a good 90 minute shuttle service from Kyllini in the Peloponnese, which has a direct connection to Athens,

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