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Situated in the Pacific Ocean, 3,510 km off the Chilean coastline, Easter Island (or Rape Nui as it is formally called) is not only one of the most secluded and little frequented places in the word, but also one of the most mysterious UNESCO heritage places - a true open-air museums with around 20,000 archeological places.

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The most popular attractions of Easter Island are the sculptures of mai, huge head-torso boulders made of the Rano Raraku volcanic cobble. There were at least 288 mai standing on solid rock plattforms around the island. A further 600 are spread across the island. Soak up the cordial friendliness of the locals, who have come from a mixture of old travelers from the Polish Isles and South America.

Upon your arriving at Mataveri Airport, you will be met and taken to your accommodation in Hanga Roa, the capital of the island. You will be immediately met by your first'moai' - Ahu Tautira - at the harbour in the city. In the northern part of the city there are some picturesque places with more mai and the Sebastian Englebert Museum of Anthropology - a good place to get to know the history of Easter Island.

You will take a tour around Easter Island after your morning meal. It stretches over an area of 117 sq. km, so you can see most of the island in one go. Leaving Hanga Roa and driving along the southern coastline to Ahu Vaihu, where you will see eight large tumbled'moai' face down on the attic.

Then we will go on to Rano Raraku, a large vulcano also known as the "Nursery of the Moai", because the sculptures around the island were created from the rocks that come from this stone mines. There is a 21 meter high'moai' around this area - the biggest ever made.

Ahu Tongariro will offer you the amazing view of 15 restored'moai' directly on the coast. But like many important places on Easter Island, there is a "Moai" here too, which is inimitably close by. There are remains of artwork that refer to a bird worship that has existed on the island for hundreds of years.

In the vicinity are some'moai' near Ahu Vinapu. Later in the day you drive to Akivi and visit the seven'moai', which look over the place of an old hamlet and look westwards towards the sunset. Her self-awareness ends after breakfasts this morning. To book your Easter Island experience, please make sure we know your dates.

Currently there are no planned sailings on our Easter Island Experience - Independ. IMPARTIAL EXPERIENCE: It is not a group travel programme and is for travelers who are independents.

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