Hawaii Main Island

The Hawaii Main Island

Sleep in Hilton Waikoloa Village on the spectacular Kohala coast of Hawaii, The Big Island, where you will find stunning gardens, rich wildlife and quiet waterways. New Hawaii Big Island of Hawaii Holiday Guide Birth on an island of fire and glaciers, where country and ocean come together in one of the most dramatic battlefields on earth, we explore the great island of Hawaii, which rises above the crunching waters. Two of the world's largest peaks, one of the world's most vibrant volcanos, 11 of the world's 13 climates, Hawaii's largest emperor and the humidest town in the United States, the Big Island of Hawaii is an island like no other.

It' an island of such size that all the other Isles in the main chains of Hawaii could blend in twice. The Big Island, often referred to as "Big Island" (or "Big I") to differentiate it from the 1,500 miles long island with which it is named - Hawaii - certainly deserves its name.

Situated in the Pacific Ocean, the Big Island's land mass is about the same as Connecticut State, about 4,050 sq. m., and is still increasing every day thanks to the Kilauea volcano on the island's east shore. Don't miss the Big Island, that's why we've put together all the important Big Island information for you to make your Hawaii dream come true.

To be honest, the whole big island of Hawaii is intriguing and definitely deserving of a stop. Some Big Island rides, however, are much more loved because they provide an adventure that will capture the magic heart of the state's biggest island. Must-See, Top Picks, Best of the Big Island.... no matter what you call them, you have to see these rides for yourself.

We' re saying the big island is big - and we' re serious! There are so many different climates and very different scenery that it can be difficult to choose which part of the island to go to. Have a look at the areas below and find out more about the many activities, what awaits you and the many and varied sights on the island.

The Visitor'Choice Awards are presented to organisations, tourist destination, accommodation and suppliers that satisfy the highest standard of excellence for travelling and tourist in Hawaii. The Guide's Choice Awards are our most important annual awards for our expert travelers from Hawaii. Guides' Choice Awards are presented on two levels within the state of Hawaii: counties (e.g. ; Big Island) and nationwide.

Every Guide's Choose Awards on Big Island contains an annually time stamp to indicate the annually scheduled range of awards. Nominated persons can get the Guide's Choose year after year. Keep up to date with our latest news about the Great Island. Start to plan your Hawaii journey.....

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