Where to go in Maui

To where in Maui?

Maui activities are very busy all over the island. Mile by Mile Maui Guide. Walking in the Iao Valley State Park. This is a good question if you are planning a visit to the Valley Isle. That' all you need to know before your first trip to Hawaii.

Maui Top 10 Cruises

Considering everything this isle has to show you, you may wonder where to begin - don't worry, we have lavished our top ten pick. Put on your masks and snorkell along the banks of Malu?aka Beach in Makena and swim towards the touringboat.

You will probably see a beautiful turtles that nibble seaweed on the seabed. The undersea landscape at the' beach of Turtle' is simply fascinating. Maui' s lush and whimsical elegance is nowhere better caught than in the ?Iao Valley, where the ?Iao needle - a phallus, emerging leafy tip - is shooting out of the canyon.

Sensually cuddled in creases of luxuriant rainforest covered hills, www. hawaii' is such a magnificent view that it's simple to see why Hawaii' royalty has put a hood (taboo) on the bottom of the hill that forbids people from seeing it. Maui' s most genuine Lauau focuses on the city' s past, present as a present from the most welcoming people.

Humpbacks also think Maui is romantically. On Maui' s west shore every winters they romp around, wooing, pairing, veal and breaking in what can only be described as mere pleasure. When in Maui at the same moment, take a trip to see the cetaceans. Snorkellers and scuba diving enthusiasts who keep their head under water at the right moment can even listen to them sing - Let's say we do!

It is no wonder that this area, which provides Maui's local food, is a paradise for gourmets. Then, go to Maui's Winery and end your days with a tasty meal on the Maui. According to legend in Hawaii, Molokini was a pretty lady who was turned to rock by a ferocious Pele, the Goddess of Fire and Volcano.

This half-moon cliff, about three kilometres from the South Maui coastline, is the edge of a craters. This is the right place for an icons que Hawaii-diving. Its secluded location on a wind-whipped coastline reinforces the feeling of being in a holy place. Shut your eye and enchant the beautiful Hwaiian beaches.

You are at Big Beaches, the centre of Makena State Park. When the Maui ghost is captured by a shore, it is savage, spacious and in a totally unspoilt state. The Mauians come here to party Maui the way it used to be. The Big Beaches are big enough for everyone.

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