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Accommodation Rotuma

Discover where to stay in Rotuma Fiji, where to eat and what is the main attraction of Rotuma. You will find our various accommodations in Pattaya here. In fact, Rotuma is now managed from Suva and is an entry point into the group.

Rotuma Island hotels

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Shipping Goundar Solutions

The Goundar Trading Ltd. is a small boat operator in Levuka, Suva. Lomaiviti has three ships, Lomaiviti Princess 1,II & III. Each of the three ships provides comfy, luxury and exquisite sitting and cabins. Departure to Koro on Monday at 6 p.m. Boat trip to Gau, Lau (Vanuabalavu & Cicia), Rotuma and Yasayasa Moala on a regular base.

Rotuma Tourisme

Although we do not believe in Rotuma as a tourist destination, I believe that there is a secure way to deal with those who come to our beautiful city. You should also have the option to invoice your guest for accommodation if you consider it necessary, provided it is inadmissible. In addition, a restricted number of medical healthily staying overnight per year should be permitted.

At the same time, these hosts should be blamed for their guests' compliance with the country's rules and mores. One never knows what these visitors could get to Rotuma, like narcotics, pornography, illnesses, e.g. AIDS. Several of these visitors will be completely unfamiliar with Rotuma.

I' m not an authority (I've never been to Rotuma), but I have a home there and I think it's quite frightening to have'investors' and the like who are aiming for Rotuma as a fund. And I think I have to say that I must go along with G.I. January and say that one can get into many juridical and culturally difficulties if one earns a fortune with tourists on a domestic level.

All of us know that no matter how cautiously you plan to begin, once the dollars begin to roll, who is to prevent their country from further development for further profits. They could be a troublemaker! There' is also the question of the things above, i.e. dope etc., because we are part of Fiji.

Though I would not like to see the enjoyment of our beautiful sandbeach, our beautiful nature and our human beings in an perfect environment, I could be a little prejudiced because I no longer want to be at home and I want it to stay the way I have it in my memory as a little one. I' ve been to other places and seen the impact of the tourist industry.

I advise him, however, to put the Rotuma Council and the members of each of the clans on his side. Rotuma and its members are conscious that Rotuma must be evolved in the course of globalization to meet people's needs. Rotuma Council members are not irrational men and woman.

You see our world as a constantly evolving one, but above all I believe that it will have an effect on our heritage and our aura. One of the first things I would like to see is a viability assessment of the effects of the tourist industry on the population and the isle.

I would also like to see a meet with the Denarau folks to find out about the checks they had before any buildings and tourist facilities are permitted in Rotuma. Submit replies to this paper to the Rotuman Forum for publication.

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