Indira Moala

Indyra Moala

Looks like we don't have a biography of Indira Moala yet. Together with guitarists Sefa and Pos, let the beautiful voice of Indira lead you back to CHURCH! Newest tweets from Indira Stewart (@Indira_on_tweet). Can You Feel The Love Tonight is playing Indira Moala in the Results Show. It was Indira Moala who sang this famous Tongan hymn of praise, "Teu Hiki a Hoku Le'o" on NZ TVOne.

Tunisian singer - ONE MORE VOICE

It was Indira Moala who came second in the 3rd series of NZ Idol, shown on TV2. Born in Tonga, the 21-year-old is studying at the University of Auckland. As a gifted singer, Indira won several big contests before her promotion to star on NZ Idol. She' a former Auckland Girls' Grammar School alumna.

In 2007, her older sibling Lesieli will become AUSA President and also has great vocal talent. In the Top 3 Show Indira selected her for the "Star Makeover", as she will soon get remarried. He' s also very supporting towards Indira. In Auckland Moala sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow".

The next time she performed, she was singing a duo with another girl. Neither of them impress the judge, but they let Indira through. In Stableungen said that she would go very far through the contest. Responding to her breathtaking performances of Aretha Franklin's "Think", Indira, if he could give a voice, would do.

Neil Finn's Top 4 achievement Better Be Home Bald was also considered the best this year. On the result show she was singing it again, but this one she dedicated the tune to her mum. It may not be as big as Christina Aguilera, but her appearance of'Beautiful' was also very well accepted.

The Way You Make Me Feel" by Michael Jackson was the track she has sung with Lesieli since she was young. Readieli once again performed this tune at this year's September University of Auckland Quad-Karooke after winning the AUSA presidency in 2007.

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