Chatham Islands Flight Time

The Chatham Islands Flight Time

Though flying to the Chathams and back isn't cheap, it's worth it. The distance (airline and route) between the Antipode Islands and the Chatham Islands. ANSWER: Air New Zealand, Air Chathams, Jetstar Airways. Duration and distance from Chatham Island to Honolulu. Time-shift between Chatham Island, New Zealand and Honolulu, USA.

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From Hawaii to Chatham Islands the course is initially 196.24 and the heading is SSW. Hawaii and Chatham Islands is the closest distance according to the plan. Journey time is about . There is a time gap of 22.75 hrs between Hawaii (Pacific/Honolulu) and Chatham Islands (Pacific/Chatham).

That means that it is now 16:13 (10.08.2018) on Hawaii and 14:58 (11.08.2018) on the Chatham Islands.

Airline is gaining momentum in local traffic

The Air Chathams is a Kiwi track record of how resourcefulness and the capacity to recognize opportunity can lead to significant ingenue. Just three years ago, the company had a website with five of them. Duane Emeny, CEO of the airlines, says it was a difficult and heartbreaking choice to leave Tonga, but there was a sliver on the horizon.

About the same time, Auckland Air Chathams was able to rent a hangar at the airfield, allowing Air Chathams to quickly move its service department back to New Zealand. However, there was good time again when Air New Zealand made a policy choice to pull out of certain local destinations and close a crenel.

Auckland - Whakatane has been successfully tendered by Air Chathams and the remainder is over. Over the years, Air Chathams has developed a timetable that is suitable for both corporate and recreational travelers. Currently Air Chathams runs 36 weekly flights between Auckland and Whanganui with a flight plan similar to the Whakatane-Auckland flight plan.

It has recently bought two more Saab planes to introduce this model into the Whakatane-Auckland family. It was founded in 1984 by Duane's dad Craig. Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch offer six daily weekly services in the summers, falling to four during the calmer periods.

The itineraries are an important connection for those who live back to the Chatham Islands, Duane says.

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