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Information about the enterprise We go to work every morning in the hope of doing two things: sharing good coffees with our buddies and making the whole wide open up. At that time, the business was a one-stop shop on the historical Pike Place Market in Seattle. Its name, based on Moby Dick, recalls the romanticism of the high sea and the maritime traditions of the early coffeemongers.

Howard travelled to Italy in 1983 and became fascinated by the Romanticism of enjoying his favourite coffeepack. It was his premonition to return the traditional Italien cafe to the United States. It was one that not only celebrates espresso and wealthy traditions, but also brings with it a sense of solidarity.

We are not only impassioned suppliers of coffees, but everything else that belongs to a full and worthwhile café-event. In the shop, the kind of sound you listen to is selected for its craftsmanship and allure. From our dedication to the world's highest grade coffees to the way we work with our clients and local authorities to do responsible work.

The story since 1971.

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