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Vanuatu is a top supplier of solar and wind energy solutions. Vanuatu's women and girls are severely disadvantaged. A detailed project overview for Vanuatu.

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4 ) go to Hideaway and snorkell in front of the sea. 7 ) Round trips of the islands to the places of interest. 1 ) Stone barbecue on the quay - breathtaking meal. When you are after a soft intro to Vanuatu, you should take an'island tour'. It' the easy way to get a fast view over the Isle of Port Vila.

The tour takes you to some beautiful places and a small town or a college and contains admission to various tourist sites, a basic luncheon and the tour guides explains some interesting things. So if you are still in any aquatic activities (like my folks from 70-ish are still), you would probably like the Lelepa Island Tour.

During the Lelepa trip they take you for a brief stroll through the countryside, to barbecue on the shore, to explore a large cavern with history, to swim/snorkel in an astonishing deep sea with so many nice snorkels and fishing and to see the principal town on the isle where they can give you a snack and rummage through their markets.

Either Fire Dancers on Erakor Island (Thursday evening, I think) or Beach Bar at Hideaway Warf on Friday evening. To have a great evening with livemusic (not techno!) you can stay one evening in the Warhorse Saloon at Warf Rd for a Tex Mexight. If you want a relaxing evening, take a look at Vila Chaumieres and ask for a dinner at the small quay.

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Voyage of 9 days - stupid to go to 3 isles? So, I'm going to Vanuatu for the first run from the beginning to the middle of December, we will be two early 20s women who want to make a relaxed but funny escape. We' ve done a great deal of research and are interested in going to see Porta Vila, Santos and Tannah and can see a whole bunch of things we'd like to do, but we can only go away for a maximum of 9 days.

Will we overstretch our hours trying to go to all three? Do more experienced Vanuatu travelers suggest that we only go to 2? We' d like to do a mixture of activity and then a few get-togethers on the shore. Voyage of 9 nights - stupid to go to 3 isles?

The last journey I made to Vanuatu was 7 overnight stays on 2 isles. I would say that 3 isles in 9 working day would be a little rash and you would have little chance to relax. Voyage of 9 overnights - stupid to go to 3 isles? That' a tough one. the first times husbands and i went to purple it was for 8 overnight and we had to go back to do the stuff we didn't get to do the first one because 8 overnight was not enough.

Voyage of 9 nights - stupid to go to 3 isles? I' m going 9 nights myself and I' m considering to make 3 isles. But I like this way and I want to get the most out of my 9 workdays.

I' ve done 5 of Polynesia in 14 working nights, which was in a hurry, but after that I'm glad I did it because I've seen more. Voyage of 9 nights - stupid to go to 3 isles? Yeah, I think it's ridiculous, like you said. It is important to consider your travel time to and from the island.

It' better to go for 2 week if you really want to go to 3 and see as much as possible and also soothe. Voyage of 9 nights - stupid to go to 3 isles?

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