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Wine Rangiroa

How to find our wines? Explore French Polynesia's only winery on the atoll of Rangiroa. Get to know Rangiroa wine, visit the wine cellar and taste the wine and a locally produced rum. This is Rangiroa wine, the only wine produced on an atoll in the world. Wine from Rangiroa is an essential ingredient for a successful Christmas dinner.

Domain of Dominique Auroy

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Two or three years will enhance the minerality of this extraordinary wine, which comes from a unique vineyards on the cay. The Domaine Ampélidacées is no different thanks to the eminent character of Dominique Auroy. As a connoisseur of enjoyable, fruitful, smooth wine, he has handed this philosophie on to his employees.

Growing wine under these latitudes, developing the qualitiy of wine making is the challenges he faced in the 1990s. To reinvent the vineyards in the Pacific Ocean and give it its best is the work on Polish soils. Since 2002, the enologist has been continuing the work of his forerunners ("Thierry Chaumais", "Bruno Corneaux") at the winery.

It is his wine expertise and affection that give him the passions and the ability to take charge of the vineyards and wine making. Wineries cannot live without a highly committed and highly skilled staff. Jacqueline, winemaker, Landry, Lucien, Rootoroa, Temarii, Naomie, have all taken a little of themselves into this game.

And the wine you are tasting will tell your history. From its beginnings, the winery has sought to promote the equilibrium of nature through meticulous viticulture. The aim of this practise is to keep the vineyards in perfect proportion to their surroundings, the terroirs and the typical climatic conditions of each year. POETCom (Pacific Organic and Ethical Trade Community) can also issue the Oceania Organic Agriculture Standard and the Bio Pasifika sign.

Years of preparatory work were needed to create a French Polynesian vineyards. In Polynesia there was no such kind of product yet and certainly not on an oriel. In 1992 the first populations were introduced and underwent acclimatisation and screening testing in the major islands of Polynesia.

Rangiroa Winery is the fruit of long and arduous work, which requires a great deal of patient commitment from the sponsors and their people. In 1992-1994, planting trials in the five archipelagoes to find the perfect site for viticulture in France. In Rangiroa, three ha are cultivated after much preparatory work. Weingut has a 6 hectare wine-growing area and a capacity of 30,000 wines per year.

Our winery has developed know-how and technologies to produce extraordinary wine, suited to Polynesia soils. All our wine is picked, vinificated and cultivated on the estate, according to the high demands we place on our whole wine making. Tahitian wine's key feature is without doubt its fresh taste, as well as its overwhelming flavour.

The Rangiroa vineyards now produce only whites (Blanc de cork, Clos de Récif and Blanc moelleux) and rosés (Rosé Nacarat). On Rangiroa, "the Isle of the Immeasurable Sky", the vineyards are situated in the dilect of Paumotu: one of the greatest antolls in the whole wide underworld. Some say almost big enough to welcome the Tahiti Isle.

Known to deep-sea diver for the beauties of the world' s two oceans, the Atlantis is now also known for its wine. Cultivated on a small island, a few minute drive by ferry from the town of Avatoru and 55 minute flying time from Tahiti.

That is the Domaine Ampélidacées, where the grape variety is grown a hundred metres from the lake and less than 400 metres from the great outback.

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