Bahamas Cruise in January

January Bahamas Cruise

It will be my first trip to the Bahamas in January. Only bad thing is my birthday's in January. Advantages of a trip to the Bahamas in January. Which you should pack for a Bahamas cruise in January. Because of the pleasant weather all year round, the islands of the Bahamas are almost always a great destination.

Weather in Bahamas January

Mean January temperatures in the Bahamas are the middle to high 1970s. It can be searched online and it gives you the mean January temperatures. However it has been bad and I have been in Miami in December/January and it is hot, but, I have been in Miami in the end of December and have freezing on my auto-window.

I was in Nassau in January and needed a pullover. I' d be packing for hot days, but I would also take a coat or pullover with me for nights on the boat, where it is often very cool, even onboard. At night on the boat I am wearing caprises and a knitted coat, but many folks put on long trousers.with will be cool and breezy on decks when you see the star or a film under the star.

Well, I think they deliver quilts or handheets to keep you hot. and the D.H. was wearing trousers every day. We' had a few chilly mornings and many of our customers were wearing trousers and sweats were selling in the stores. The Bahamas last weekend and the wheather was great.

It was too cold for DD and DH to remain for very long, but we didn't need coats. Although there were still temperps in the 70s, it would have been overcast, stormy and wet if we hadn't felt good in sleeveless/short arms. The Bahamas last weekend and the wheather was great.

It was too cold for DD and DH to remain for very long, but we didn't need coats. Although there were still temperps in the 70s, it would have been overcast, stormy and wet if we hadn't felt good in sleeveless/short arms.

The Bahamas in January cruise too cold? The DIS Disney Discussion Groups

I' m planning to celebrate my anniversary next year with a Disney cruise to the Bahamas! Only horrible thing is that my january is my birth day. I' d adore to hearing from other people who have been sailing there during this period of the year and how the weathers were. In January of this year we were on the road and thought the wheather was fantastic!

Obviously the wheather can change. Made me take a cruise every January. Concerning the waters, we have found that they are warm than at the end of March. Disney-sponsor Let Dreams Unlimited Travel plans your ideal Disney holiday! Jackets on board, too cool to swim and no dock at Castaway Cay for harsh sea.

We had too many great meteorological trips from March to November for us never to spend the Bahamas again in the same time. Sailing a lot in Jan/Feb, we've never had a cruise that wasn't good. It' a little fresh on CC, but my man vows that you get used to it when you're inside.

We' re from South Florida, so I'm used to heating the waters. Sailing 4-5 in January. We enjoyed to swim on Castaway Cay, even at Serenity Beaches (often windswept as the familys beach). This voyage stands in stark contrasts to about 5 years before, when it was on board in the middle of the 50s, breezy and just chill.

Nobody swam, hardly anyone went on board, so that all interior areas were overcrowded. After a third attempt we were able to moor at the CC, but very few went into the canal. It all said - I would walk again in January in a heart beat! Cruising is a great midwinter vacation (it was far below zero during the cruise, so I was even hotter than I would have been!), and it's the least expensive period of the year.

We' re giving him a chance to cross on the magical January 2016! We were in Orlando in January and enjoyed the great outdoors. I took a cruise on January 2nd and reserved a third for next year. In between our work plans (January is a very sluggish months and we can actually take a whole weeks off) and the costs, it is the best season for us to cross.

We had nice weathers on the last 2 January cruise and were enjoying our CC-day on both occasions. I had a similar experiance to BlondienFl - the temperature of the sea seemed hotter than in March! We went on a cruise on January 3rd....2 to the Carribean and 1 to the Bahamas. Carribean cruising was great, the Bahamas were a little bit chilly for us to go swimming....the temperatures were fantastic (we're from Texas, so coldwater temperatures don't work for us!).

A lot of folk swam, but all the South Americans were too cool in the mud! It was bad or bad wheather. On the first cruise overnight, the boat was rockin' by shafts.... humans got ill on both sides. It' calmed down a bit and the whole day was awesome.

a cruise in January 2014. Most of the time the wheather was very good and one of these days it was cloudy. Although the wheather was good, the winds on board were chill. It was a hot, sunshiny and flawless night, but the waters were chill. Overall I would do a January cruise again, but not too much planning on swimming at Castaway Canay.

Savour your cruise! When you just want to party your day and have a great cruise, just make a reservation! The prizes are great in January! By saying that if you expect a warm, sun, lie on the shore and swimming in the waters I would say have no high hopes for the.

Any cruise climate is better or worse, but in January you take a big risk. and Castaway Cay was free!!!!!! We love our Jan 2015 Bahama cruise. It was a great time for us in the low to mid'80s. In Castaway Cay we found the mornings a little cool and the waters were a little cool for our comforts, but we dear.

One night I was spending on board and enjoyed a small cigarette where I would have liked something a little warm. We' re already looking forward to our December Christmas cruise, but we'll at least wrap up a lightweight coat. Crossed in January and couldn't say it was winter when we got off the computer.

For me, the coolest cold weather in the CC was actually in May.

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