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This course has a high technical content and focuses on the aspect of system development in the field of information technology. If you would like to send your request by e-mail or feedback: Visiting the Yasawa Trust Foundation of Vinaka Fiji.

Three apps are available, Planning, Eastern Fiji, Western + Central Fiji with advice on planning your visit, charts, anchorages, activities and cultural information. Helpful Information - Compiled by EXPLORE Fiji.

Preparation for your therapy

We kindly ask you to come at least 15 min. before your planned stay. It is recommended that you take the jewelry off before you reach the spa. The spa coordinator will reconfirm and briefly describe your planned spa procedures. Payments will be made at this point in the process. All our hydromassage bedding and facial bowls are adjusted to cover the whole part of the patient's snout.

At the end of the session we would like to welcome you to a free drink in the park. When you are expecting or have a disease, please contact our health care coordinator when planning your treatments so that we can help you choose the most appropriate treatment(s). Please keep in mind that your session must end in good timing to avoid inconvenience for other customers, no matter how early you are.

In this way, the costs for a planned date, a programme or an unvisited services are not billed in full. Open from Monday to Saturday by prior arrangement only.

Luggage Cabin & Holders

We have recently updated our hand luggage and it will be valid from 02 February 2015. Cabinet pocket dimensions: The overall dimensions* of the cases must not be more than 118 cm (46") with a max. size of 55 cm by 40 cm by 23 cm (including grips and wheels). Every client is allowed to take along a small piece of luggage, e.g. a notebook or a handbag, in as well.

Sometimes we don't always have room to store all our hand luggage onboard. If your hand luggage (including grips and wheels) does not meet our guidelines for weights and sizes, you will be asked to drop off all or part of your hand luggage at the check-in desk, and as such you will be billed for additional luggage.

Noncompliant charges will be levied at the check-in counter for all hand luggage that does not meet our hand luggage guidelines for hand luggage sizes and weights. Depending on the available seat, passengers may take on the following luggage with them free of charge in excess of the free luggage allowances mentioned above:

One ( (1) foldable pram per child for toddlers (less than 2 years) traveling on an adult's womb, not longer than 148 cm. It can be taken by the companion, in additon to the own free luggage, a foldable pram is only allowed in the cab if it is locked in a piece of luggage which lies within the max. size of the hand luggage.

All strollers that exceed the free luggage limit may be used up to the plane doors (before boarding), where they are given to the agent for stowage. If non-conforming carry-on luggage is taken off the departure gate, a luggage charge will be made as described below.

Connections & Stop-over Flight - The parts list is valid for luggage whose origins or ultimate destinations are Los Angeles, Honolulu or Vancouver. Luggage over 30 kg will not be considered hold luggage and must either be repacked separately or shipped as cargo.

Every article that exceeds the overall size will be invoiced with the charge for large and unwieldy articles. a) If FJ lbs. and FJ 260 inland are booked on the same FJ 260 tickets, the free checked bags quantity of FJ lbs. b) If FJ lbs. and FJ lbs. are booked seperately, the free bags quantity indicated on each FJ 260 tickets applies.

a) The luggage policy of the codesharing airline is valid for the whole trip; b) For all other travel locations, the DOT and MSC (Most significant carrier) luggage policy is valid for the whole trip. The free luggage allowance will be credited per ticket.

Members of Tabua Club must register with to see their surplus luggage overweight.

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