How far Vanuatu to Australia

Where is Vanuatu to Australia?

Vanuatu has regular flights from Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Noumea, Honiara and Fiji flight time between Sydney and Vanuatu. Check on a decent map how far it is from Brisbane to Sydney. If you want to find great waterfalls, you don't have to go far up the shore. Away from the "Maddening Crowd". In this way, the Chinese influence is significantly extended beyond its traditional zone.

Distance between Port Villa, Vanuatu & Sydney, Australia NW

The purpose of this page is to give you a good idea of how far it is from Port Villa to Sydney. Described routes from Port Villa to Sydney are a guideline that shows only the closest route as the line of sight, based on longitude and latitude for two different places on our planet.

140.58 mile, 98.62 mile, 90.97 mile, 182.39 mile, 241.09 mile, 109.04 mile, 87.81 mile, 74.61 mile, 163.27 mile, 123.89 mile, 277.32 mile, 183.61 mile, 122.4 mile, 221.64 mile, 5.9 mile, 153.29 mile, 40.26 mile, 163.29 mile, 151.06 mile, 266.48 mile, 96 Twenty-five mile, 316.92 mile, 91.73 mile, 59.99 mile, 159.27 mile, Australia Nearest airport and travel centre Distances Sydney - Sydney Bankstown 10.85 mile, Sydney Intl 0.16 mile, airports and travel destinations in Australia near or near Sydney - Adelaide Intl 724.23 mile, Albany Airport 1896.

July 07 mile, Moruya airport 146.9 mile, Mount Gambier airport 638.29 mile, Mount Hotham airport 304.27 mile, Mudgee airport 131.39 mile, Narrabri airport 262.06 mile, Narrandera airport 271.45 mile, Newcastle airport 88.72 mile, Nowra airport 78.29 mile, Olympic Dam airport 868.95 mile, Orange airport 123.

The Far Noth Ananasfarm with the SWP at the top

An FAR North Queensland Pinapple Ranch increases farmyard productivity while offering life-changing possibilities for those who live on the Pacific Islands and welcomes the forth reception of Vanuatu seasonshifters. The Piñata Farms is one of the recognized Australian agribusiness organizations hiring from the Pacific Islands under the federal government's SWP (Seasonal Work Program).

Stephen Scurr, North Queensland Operations-managing director, said eight Vanuatu operatives are currently reaping pineapple from the company's Mareeba farmyard, twice as much as last year. Said they had chosen to hire Vanuatu laborers, one of the nine Pacific island states taking part, because Piñata Farms ran a sandal and linden acres there.

The SWP allows Pacific Island staff to work in Australia for six to six additional weeks and returns for a successive season after a six-month hiatus. "We have some faithful returnees from Australia, but in general the Australians are not willing to do hand farming," Mr Scurr said.

"We also found it more difficult to get backpack tourists, they are only here for two or three week, then they leave while the Pacific Island laborers are with us for six-month.

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