Old Lahaina Luau

Ancient Lahaina Luau

Old Lahaina Luau staff reviews on Old Lahaina Luau culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and much more. Take a look at our Old Lahaina Luau Review! Lahaina Luau is considered the best in Hawaii. About Fare estimate from Kahului to Old Lahaina Luau. lahaina luau, lahaina, model, girl, photography I did not take this photo.

Ancient Lahaina Luau - Maui's only 100% genuine Maui Luau

Old Lahaina Luau is very proud to present an original Hwaiian Luau. A night of local food, musical performances, culture and dancing. Visitors will appreciate Hawaii's abundant past with views of the sea and sunsets. Please make your reservation for the Old Lahaina Luau in time, as it is sold out on a regular basis.

Have a look at our complete reviews - with pictures - of Old Lahaina Luau. Hawaii's most genuine Luau in Hawaii! LUUUAU ends at 8:45 pm. Lueau ends at 8:15 pm. Conversation: A prizewinning performance of classic HAWAIAN folk songs and heroes, the highlight of the night. Visitors can select from either Hawaii' old-fashioned mats, or standard desks and seats.

Acknowledge your seat booking as it is hard to modify when all your clients arrive. PLEASE INDICATE THE KIND OF CHAIRS (NORMAL OR TRADITIONAL MAT) WHEN ORDERING BY SELECTING THE RIGHT ORDER AREA. Lu'au guides the guest to the reserved places and introduce them to our Luau site.

Brazilian Concerts presented by Na Leo Ho'oulu. In the first lesson, visitors can get to know our intriguing historical and cultural heritage in our region of Hawaii on the fringe of the sea. Gathering will take place when the ImuÂ, our local Hwaiian furnace, is dug out of the pot. Conversation: At sundown, the night's primary conversation begins.

Starting with the story of Polish hula migrations, then to the old Hawaii hula, followed by the development to a modern hula styl. Companied by songs and instruments, it is played with great reverence for our forefathers. We have Bacardi Light, Old Lahaina Dark Rum, New Amsterdam Vodka, Cuervo Tequilla, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Dewar's Scotch, Fruit Punch, Passion Orange, Guava, Pina Colada, Orange Premium, Pina Colada, Chi Chi, Lava Flow, Mai Tai, Blue Hawaii, Margarita, Please be aware that our calender is not furnished with the latest availabilities.

The Hawaii Visitor and Convention Bureau Keep it Hawaii honors companies, organisations and private persons who seek to immortalise and commemorate the wealthy legacy of the islands of Hawaii. Channel, MTV, ESPN, E! TV, BBC, CMTV, Lifestyles of the Richard and Famous and more. evenings reflect with flavor and traditions the wealthy civilization and histories of the islands of Hawaii.

Lu'au Hawaii' cosy ambience, delicious food and culture as winners of the festival is what we at Old Lahaina Lu'au are all about here: a gift of tiki dance, song and music... well written and well arranged (so you know what you are eating). Old Lahaina Lu'au has re-invented herself in an authentic way in a clichéd style.

The programme features smart stories and superb old storytelling at sundown. It' authentically Hwaiian and tasty. Before the Luau began, we saw meal preparation, handicrafts, dancing classes and Hwaiian music. In addition, the meal was outstanding and the services provided were first-rate. Marvellous times, good meals and good conversation. It was a great period. Nice conversation, great dinner.

Remark for women. No idea how hot it may be. Take a gentle compress. Get a little chilly after nightfall. We were there in December. Great time. Good dinner and fun. This is a great way to discover Hawaii' local heritage and civilization! At the beginning of the Luau we really loved the artsstands.

It was a well arranged and well-informed show with great clothes and great soundtrack. All in all an enjoyable adventure - we would like to advise you this Luau. I' d suggest it to your mates. I would definitely suggest old Lahaina Luau if you want to see a Luau. We had an extraordinary meal and a fantastic time!

and it was awesome. I' d suggest this Luau to anyone who goes to Miaui, it's a must! It was a great experience and we were very satisfied. It is said that this is the best luau on the island, and we have now been to all of them and the assertion has been confirmed.

Beautiful athmosphere, cuisine, surroundings and human beings. We' all had a fanatical period. It was great the cuisine. Old Lahaina Luau is the best Luau we have visited. From the moment we arrived to the show, everything was first-rate. Simple car park, good accessibility, good meals, good beverages, great services, great show.

That was the second year we were there to tell you how much we were enjoying it. The scenery was great, the meals were great, the beverages were good and the show was WONDERLICH. I used to love that luau! That was an exzellent Luau - we were in one on Oahu and liked it, but now we have this one for comparison - and Old Lahaina Luau is winning without any problems!

They had a great meal and conversation, and I can't say enough good things about the services! We were on other Luahs around the Hawaii Isles, but that was by far the best. It is more traditionally than the luau tourism traps found on other isles. They can see you making your souvenirs from Hawaii, not something made in China!

This dinner is great. We brought our kids (11 & 14) to this Luau because it was their first trip to Hawaii. It is a real Hawaii show - not a Polish show that pays homage to every isle. Dinner was delicious and the server and host were unbelievably supportive and kind.

In order to pass the pre-show period, we went right next to the Aloha Plate mix ed plate and had a drink. We' ve chosen the classic way, which means you are sitting on the floor (a cushion is provided). Tradional stylish desks are the nearest to the scene. When you are able to be on the floor - I strongly suggest it!

Beautiful dinner, great dancing and fantastic services. When I was a veggie I had a little less choice of foods than others (purple yams with coconuts, a lettuce with an aspicing maui bulb and lettuce dressin, some paddy and some vegetables you couldn't put on home - I think carrot, bulbs and broccoli or something like that, then just plain fruits, Bananebread and another kind of lettuce.

There was a refreshment bar with about 8 desks at once, beginning with the desks where you are sitting on the ground.

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