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Fiji Rydges Hideaway Resort - Such a disappointment - Review of Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa, Sigatoka, Fiji

While I have little reluctance in the recommendation of the Hideaway for family, our group of 13, among them 6 grown-ups and children from 4 month to 9 years had a marvelous nine day stay in June 2010. If you are looking for a 5-star hotel with chic personnel, luxurious amenities of the highest standards and an ambience where wealthy gamblers are playing, then look elsewhere.

Hideaway is the place for you if you want to live in a nice, welcoming place where you don't have to press a wetsuit for supper. Frangipani Boers are a room similar to a mote, well equipped, but there is nowhere to go when the children are sleeping, except outside.

Rooftopless showers were really awesome. There is a large indoor and outdoor paved marquee, a café, a bar, 2 billiard table, table tennis, a cinema hall with large air conditioning, launderette, welcome area, tourist office, souvenir shop, snack shop, ice cream, etc. and a fitness room next to it.

Grown-ups had a lot of curves, but they were all in agreement that it was a little hard. Children went horseback ripping and had a great family. It offers 24-hour adult and children's entertainment. From 5yro, the children's association offers official, but there were also younger children.

Treading the distance of years at the kid club means that it is twisted to the younger earth, my nine-yro went once or twice, the sixyro didnt want to go on his own, but I would say it is thrown at his age group and he had a good time when he signed along. Every evening there was a children's film that coincided with the adults' dinners, followed by some matches until 8:30 pm.

For me the fire dance on the South Sea Nights was the high point after the 9 pm-dinnershow. Eating and drinking. It was good and better than some 5-star seats, but the pastry was lacklustre. Children can have free lunches and dinners, or they can choose to dine and buy from the adults' menus.

There' s no bullshit from just 1 free child per paid adulthood or the like. However, the free children's menu was the main problem of the sojourn. So on the first morning this junky bananza was a delicacy, but soon they were over it too.

There was not much room for enhancement in the adult meal as the servings are large and the choices that are not roasted are things like curry. Children's meals were prepared in front of the grown-ups, so you can't just have dinner together, which is good and evil, because the children have a relaxed end at dinner if they're not interested in the children's clubs or the film, but it's a good pause if they are.

Our group of grown-ups have chosen the included catering. Of $120 per diem I think it's a good value if you like a beverage and like a full luncheon and supper, it would be a bad option if you are a bright-eater or only crave softdrinks.

There is a fairly large midday card, but good pub/RSL eating. There is a special dish, which is usually marked again and is a little away from the daily special. Everything is contained in the packet, 2 courses for luncheon, 3 courses for supper. In addition, there is a special a-la-carte-menue, which serves more refined dishes such as lobsters, saddle of pork, etc.

Surfing is more expensive, for example the Hummer was about $80, but if you get ill from the meals packages dish, you are allowed to 50% off those prizes. The group thought we could get tired of eating, but nine nights later we had a hard time picking our last supper from the things we had to try and our favorites.

All in all, the meal was very good, and our generous waists matched on the way home. The price for supper was about $30-$35, the price for lunches in the mid-20s. When you choose the included pack, you can look forward to a little bit of disappointment. Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold is Fiji Bitter or Fiji Gold, supplied in approx. 285 mL jars, but cast from long neck.

Though there are also some questions of ordering several beverages, and this is especially scorned at around 22 o'clock when beverages contained end. The drinking regulations I am expecting will keep folks from going out of the water with the beverages on the bundle, but a tidy cup of beers wouldn't do any harm! They might think that the elapsed case it filming to get ministered at the stake is other property to stronghold the animal on the area helping, but you pause as drawn-out as you pay medium of exchange.

Get used to the Fiji Islands, it's warm and nobody wants to move too quickly. ice-cream is self-service, children have to buy beverages except the juices which will be provided with the meals. The price is quite relentless all along the line. Refreshments cost about $6. It might be an option to buy duty-free liquor and a few colas in the Sigatoka grocery store if you want a few beverages in your room in the evenings.

There' s not much to walk to which are not beautiful vistas, jungles, orchards or small towns. There is a small country tour/Kava ceremonies, a game reserve (ideal for children as you can deal with serpents and iguanas) and a trip on a sweetener boat, a boat trip up the riverbank and a few others.

Likewise, it is less than half the hotel bill for long haired hairdos ($40 for my 9yro).

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