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On The Beach. By courtesy of Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Want to stay at a Marriott Hotels & Resorts in Kauai? Cauai Hotel and Condo Resorts, Restaurants, Adventure, Activities and Shopping. Lihue Kauai Aqua Kauai Beach Resort - Banyan Harbor Resort.

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Situated 2 mile from the historical Kapaa city, the beach site features recently refurbished guest rooms, contemporary facilities, a variety of facilities, WiFi, free Yogic courses and a commercial centre. LAVA LAVA Beach Club, Kauai Shores' characteristic LAVA Beach Club, provides a relaxed, luxurious dining and drinks-event.

With its two large pool areas, its location on the beach and its day-to-day orientation on the islands, the estate is a favourite place for couple and family. Visit 300 of your sector at the fourth MR&H in Athens, Greece to see some of the most prestigious investments and developments in the Mediterranean.

Hawaii-Kauai - Sheraton Kauai Resort - Hawaii Hotels

The alleged summer room had a view of the side park and a building site on the other side. And there was no gardens in view, even the grass was ripped. Testimonial:: You simply cannot get a better hotel/resort from check-in, konzipire Roxy was the best, room staff, room services, breakfastbuffet, car hire and the valet {they were great}.

I think this was the top of our holiday. At best, the meal was average, it simply wasn't what you would have expected from a SPG motel! That was by far the hardest way out I've ever been. During the delay our baggage was unfortunately mislaid. It didn't matter that we tried to get there for the last 36 hrs after two nights without baggage and the girls at the reception when we check-in.

We were told that the room we had booked (because we couldn't make it to the airport the previous evening due to the late flight) was handed over to another pair. They knew that we wouldn't make it at midnight because our plane was cancelled.

The rooms were small and out of date, the climate turned off, the TV was out. By 3am the next morning I got in touch with United because we had still not got our baggage.

and we' d get our bags by 9:00. At 4am the next morning we haven't got our baggage yet and I phoned United again. As the very supportive lady on the telephone said, it was shipped to the Sheraton at 9:23 the evening before.

The man on the telephone said he had no clue, but he would go to the storeroom and see if it was there. He didn't answer anything he turned around and left, no excuse for us to keep our baggage for another 13 hour, no excuse for having to remain in our hotels and waste another holiday that should have begun three nights earlier, no, I'm sorry, no, no, thanks, no, to bring the baggage to my room, he just turned around and left.

Testimonial:: We had an awesome Sheraton Kauai-eight years ago, so we picked her again. In the past, the all-inclusive breakfasts were sumptuous and delicious (a lot of diversity, good food and good food quality), now it's more like in a good tourist resort. The next trip to Kauai we will probably try different types of accommodation.

Testimonial:: When I arrived at the reception, I was notified that I did not have a receptionist. "I was then notified that my cancellation was canceled by an Apple representative two working day after I made the order, which came as a total astound.

I' d got all my travelling papers by post, and the $4,200 for the journey was on my plasticine. I' ve been told they'd make a room available for just one nocturn. Reception director was again impolite and said: "We will contact your agency tomorrow and I suggest that you do the same.

The next day when I went to reception, I was asked that the pack provided through the website was no longer available and should have been notified by AI. FD personnel were again impolite and said I could go back to the city.

I was not apologised to either the hospitality or the MOT. I' ve been so badly mistreated that I'll never use or come back to this place. Testimonial:: DELIVERY M. Client Rating: This place was just about what I was expecting for a four-star-apartment. We were pampered with the simple entrance to Poipu and the possibility to hire a cabin on the water.

S Nalin, The place is out of date, but the situation is good. This room, which we were called a gazebo - although I am not sure if the gazebo was intended to describe the car park or the building site in front of us from the terrace. Five-star award to Zheraton Kauai in Poipu.

As we came out of the vestibule, we asked a man worker if he could help us with our baggage for D4, and they said to us: "No, we're not doing it"....we all looked at each other and said "what the hell"....in our heads. A different case is when we try to find a telephone in the foyer for a supper booking, as most of Kauai's dining rooms close early and we still have to travel 20 to 30 minutes to most of Poipu's dining rooms.

We' re cleared back to our rooms to make a call, then they put a telephone in the foyer, but that telephone isn't even connected.......what the hell?..then she eventually redirected us to the janitor, so we went to the janitor and he could call us.

to use a telephone? In the hope that these are only individual cases, but as stated above, management should always reminds the employee what and how a true CSM is. However even with that this was the worst hotelier experiance Iâ?"¬â'¬â"¬â"¢ve had at a starwood estate.

You offered us a $100 bonus but truthful if you are paying $30 for a resort charge per diem and you remain 5 days and given the impoverished form of service I wouldââ' ¬â"¢ve been expecting every 5 days the crafts (lei manufacture and pacelet manufacture was great) renounced near good restaurants the Luau (see my resume) area to dash hole, which was awesome again,

Iââ' ¬â"¢ve ever had the poorest experiences at any SPG sojourn ( "Iââ'¬â"¢m over 200 overnight straight at Starwood). Donâ â?¬â'¬â"¢t sojourn here. You can use your points and keep to the street at the Marriott. The hotel consists of two parts, the gardens and the sea. At the moment the side of the yard is under building, but the sea side is intact.

It is subdivided into wing, which improves your private sphere and the view, but also makes it easier to walk. Nice, open minded flock is like Hawaii.

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