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Our mission at Housing Solutions is to build neighborhoods. The Hawaiian family apartments are all privatized and are known as Public Private Venture (PPV). To build communities, homes and hope for the people of Hawaii. University of Hawaii Manoa, HI - University of Hawaii West Oahu, HI. The Hawaii housing costs are among the highest in the nation.

Marvellous view of Lake Kalo

Looking for the classic collegiate housing experiences? Then the Kalo Terrace Study Suites are just the thing for you! Embedded, just a brief stroll from UHM and overlooking the Stan Sheriff Center, this 100% secure students' association provides the classic students' living environment! The Beachwalk University Suites is situated in Honolulu, just one brick from the famed Waikiki Beach.

The smaller dormitory is a two-storey, traditionally built around a shimmering swimmingpool, to form a communal space in a landscaped area. The 100% municipality is open to all post-secondary students: postgraduate and graduate graduate graduate as well as interns, faculty of medicine, cooking and business schools, Englishsec...

Swimming pools, coin-operated launderette, local staff, one block from the beach. Local staff, security, cafeteria, laundry, event & more!

Rent 10 best Oahu house

Travellers to Oahu now book the December appointments. Get your holiday home today and have the best itinerary. We had a fantastic time in the hotel and the situation was fantastic. It is a very quiet and intimate place to spend the night. You have a great sea and a wonderful sea views from the hotel.....

The house was outstanding and has proven itself for 2 pairs. Nice unimpeded sun rises from the roomy Landai every day was my favourite part of my stay here..... Situated in the northern part of Kaneohe in an area known as Waikane'Water of the Gods', on the windward side of Oahu.

Enjoy in this roomy, recently restored house, set in wonderful tropic flora and wonderful sunset, which lives in'island style'..... This was the ideal starting point to explore Oahu and its wonderful landscape and sands. It is perfectly located near the most attractive..... The Kailua Hale `Ohana is a roomy and comfortable room for up to 2 people.

Hale'Ohana is only a five minutes walking distance from the world-famous Kailua Beach. There is a lovely area in the building where everyone can find a place to relax. Holiday apartment, situated in the nice Ewa Beach, Oahu. The Ewa Beach is the sunny part of Oahu. Nani Moana Hale' is indeed a nice seaside home.

Each area is equipped with overhead ventilators and the building is vented with an entire domestic ventilator. Open sea views. Welcome sunrise and moonrise from your own personal decks. Situated in a good position on the eastern side of Oahu. We are in a first class 2 block living area from the entrance to Kailua Beach Park and the city.

It was a great place near 2 of the best in Hawaii. Each area is equipped with overhead ventilators and the building is equipped with indirect ventilation with a high performance whole building..... With my English mother, my mother, my brothers and sister-in-law I spent 2 days in April, the cottage is very cosy and tidy, air-conditioned, very cosy bed, large apartment.....

We have one of the best sites and the most beautiful beach on the north coast of Oahu. We' re situated between the world-famous Waimea Bay and the pipeline. The Sunset Beach is also in the immediate vicinity of the building and directly behind the pipeline. Recall the night you stayed with a Hawaiian hostess.... just like that, just better!

A welcoming host and the ideal place for your Oahu adventure. Magnificent, peaceful surroundings, brief ride or bicycle tour to downtown Kailua. Big, well appointed landai with many seats, stacking of sun toy and a grill..... Roomy private entrance and bathroom This lovely studios is situated in a peaceful area near the worlds renowned Kailua Bay.

The plot is on the sea with a large Swimmingpool. This area is encircled by luxuriant exotic gardens, which provide many reserved seats for tomorrow..... So I took the opportunity to book this rent for a last-minute drive to Kailua to help my boy move to the area. Wellcome to one of the most scenic places in Hawaii.

Distant reefs protect us from big swells, long strolls along the beaches and the sea demands all kinds of aquaticactivity. Best situation, only 2 walking minute away from the hotel, near the international airports and all Oahu..... It was very neat and perfectly for us.

Breath-taking sea views. The Polynesian Cultural Centre is close by - a great area. Away from the road, transport and noises, peaceful seaside area. There is a privately owned sandy..... Immaculate living state with everything you need and type of own and neighbors to help us with grocery around and make itinerary.

Nice 2 bed room semi-detached villa at the end of a tranquil courtyard. Completely furnitured basement of a semi-detached home. After meeting my niece's niece and his wife, we decided to stay for rent. 4-room cottage in lay Hawaii. When you have a large group or many children, this is your opportunity to see Hawaii and enjoy the northcoast.

At first the good: lovely scenery, good Wi-Fi, quick ride to the beach and stores, large bedroom, enough cooking utensils, good caretaker, and the cottage was neat and neat on your arriving.... There were four senior citizens who had difficulties leaving and three younger people, and this home suited all our needs. It is perfectly located and the panoramic position is wonderful.

Direct by the sea, gated, lavish, pool, spa, gardens, fruit trees, great parking, lounge chair, air conditioning, pool and shore deliveries include deck chair, snorkels and masks, shore handheets, board and cooler........ It is a three-bedroom house is part of a double with sea view and full view of the gardens.

It is one of six seaside houses that include Tiki Moon Villas. Entrance to the sea through the gardens. We have been enjoying our sojourn in this flat. This was a place we totally love. spay your hawaiian leave in the honoured kapahulu/kaimuki area, directly on the outskirts of waikiki. Situated on the groundfloor of a semi-detached house.

As for great Aloha, a great resort, less than 5 mins to any kind of groceries for my children needed a new bathing suit in the Ali Makana Mall. It' s so nice and the tranquil neighbourhood and kind and it was so unbelievable in this..... The first residences in the Seascape Residences; privately owned and run communities, Mountain & Ocean Views! is safe, tranquil, calm, windy, cosy, comfy, cosy, comfy, just a few steps away from the world-famous Ko Olina Beach Aulani Disney Resort.

At $175/night the Lay Blue home was a fairly good value, I suppose, but we wouldn't go back. However, the building is not what we..... Bawaiian torch with comforts of the..... We stayed in Lanikai, the cabin was great. Coming to the beaches and finding walks was so simple.....

Llanikai Cabin is less than 1 brick from Llanikai Strand, with a fantastic kitchen - toasters, mixers, benders etc.. Holiday home is ideal for a holiday! It' like a beachside place when you enter it. Within easy reach of many accesses to the beaches along Langkai Strand.

The very new renting has been refurbished and redecorated for a neat,..... Situated on over half an hectare of coastline in a wonderful cove in the Kahuku area. This house is only a few minutes walk from one of the most remote O'ahu sands. It is a nice place to swim all year round.

Cosy detached home in Diamond HQ Honolulu. A 5 minute walk to Waikiki beaches, shops, restaurants and the most important touristic centre. Situated in a peaceful, secure and comfortable environment. This is a unique chance to spend your holidays in Hawaii..... Awaken to a spectral dawn and soothing Pacific Ocean music.

Unique, very intimate, nice, new, one-storey beachsite with stylish Hwaiian furnishings. It is a clean, calm, sandy and quiet place with easy year round surfing, crystalline, blue and hot waters..... Love it will try to remain again when we get back to Hawaii. Catholicship, diving shops, beaches, restaurants and groceries directly on the streets.

Only 200 feet from Maili Park. All the venues were great for our sojourn. Beaches are your backyard. It is a well-kept and tidy place. Martha, the superintendent is useful, but not obtrusive in any way. Remain in paradise, by the clear turquoise waters of the bathing area.

A 5 minutes walking distance to the sea. A wonderfully furnished 4-bedroom home with everything you need, with beautiful bedding and bathrooms. Situated in a secluded and secluded home, it has a fully fitted, contemporary cuisine. It offers stunning sea and mountain vistas.

from Kailua Beaches. 1,000 square feet of house 2 roast 1bath full kitchen. Rentals have great view, is a 20 minute stroll to Waikiki and Park. This privately owned, tidy, tropical resort is just a stroll from a remote sandy spot, cycle tracks (including bicycles) and the world-class ocean of V-Land and Sunset Beaches.

Privately owned, safe estate, indoors and out. Chill out in Hawaii, in Hawaiian convenience-from the hustle and bustle of the town. The house has an open plan lounge and a courtyard which is ideal for families barbecue and outdoors. Lovely Ka'a'awa Strand is 2 blocs away. Every day we were enjoying the sun rise on the shore.

It had everything we needed from the sea gear..... You will find this home in Oahu's North Shore, where you will find a lot of excitement and thrill! There is a beautiful sandy area at the end of the entrance and just opposite. Homestead is a 3 bed room, 2 bathroom with a lot of room for up to 10 people - ideal for a great day out with the whole group!

Go for a nice early bird's eye view at the sea and enjoy the sunset. Really unique home (for 4 people) for $269/night. Directly on the north shore of Oahu. Sandy and sandy beaches with a sandy area. Have had a marvelous five day stay in Oahu in this lovely home just a few blocks away from the shore.

It is a great place to spend the night, just a quick stroll to a great sandy area. Luxurious four bed and two bathroom house in four bedrooms, just 1 1/2 blocks from Kailua Town. Recently renovated with new colours, rugs, curtains, ceilings ventilators and furniture, this roomy, open layout provides a cheerful Hwaiian....

It was a great place for our 5-member extended group. Nice views and many comfy seats in the hotel. Fully equiped cuisine and useful extra like wicker roofed wicker roofs..... You are welcome to'Okalani, Mytiful Home ... Luxury 2,500 square meter air-conditioned private home in this tropical oasis & paradise of Kaneohe.

A Hawaiian house with the highest quality furniture and furnishings. Embedded in a privately owned..... All the janitors were really kind and kind. Our hosts from all over the globe have been staying at our house since 1960 to experience the unspoilt beaches and esteemed coast.

4 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms White House offers space for up to 8 people..... A 14-year-old girl and I leased this house for 30 nights in July 2015. Situated on the best part of Kaneohe Bay, you will be able to listen to the sound of the sea rocking to you. Noord Shore Mokuleia Front Apartment 1 bed room chalet footsteps from the sea!

Soak up the beauty of Hawaii' monk seals lying on the shore, sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling with the Green Sea Turtle, waking up & kitesurfing..... Located just a few paces from the sands of the gorgeous Kailua Sea on the Isle of Oahu, our Hawaiian-style 3-bedroomed, 3-bathroom holiday home.

A stroll on the sea. Soak up the joy of living in Häwaiian fashion. All the while we rebuilt the almost obsolete Hawaiian-style building, which goes back to the classical Northern Bank Holidays....... This is not what words will do Lanikai Airport Rental Justice! It was a great place for our eight-person household!

Situated just a few paces from gorgeous Lanikai Beaches. This real estate catches the real sense of a paradise life. The Executive holiday apartment is comfortably spacious.......with many.... Lovely folks, big beaches, funny toy waters, funny lizards line, love to watch them capture beetles at nights.... This luxurious apartment on the shore has been completely tiled with ceramics, a fully fitted fully fitted galley with elongated stone worktops, a shallow cooker and Thomasville maple cupboards, and a redesigned bath room with individual tiling, grand sophistication, new King cushion top.....

There is a long sandy spot right in front of the entrance. Very few were on the beaches and there are a few places where you can..... There' s nothing bad at all to say about the Yellowspeak. When you want peace, the beaches and genuine Hawaii, you want here. Aloe and Mahalo Nuiloa for visiting our North Shore beach home at Mokuleia.

We' ve been registered as a holiday home in the state of Hawaii since the 1950'. In 60 years this lovely shore has hardly been altered. Sailing along this shoreline is lively with Laysan Albatros, Hawaiian Monk..... You' re walking exactly 85 paces across the grass shown in the PR picture and are on one of the.....

Beautiful holiday home directly at the beach of Kailua Beach! Situated in the heart of the world-famous Kailua Beach, this lovely holiday home has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Soak up the sea view from your own lounge. Stepping out of your front doorstep and onto Kailua Beach, three mile of unspoiled whit..... Her holiday home has very simple entrance via the H3, Likelike Hwy and Pali Hwy to Waikiki and Honolulu, which takes about 20-30 minutes driving (depending on transport, of course!)..... Kailua Town is only 15 minutes ride to the worlds famed Kailua and Lanikai shores..... if you are on a narrow

Wonderful renting directly at the sea in a calm neighbourhood. Sea front luxury holiday apartments - two apartments in the seaside town of Keilua. The first one looks at the hills and the second one at the sea. Nice cottage directly at the sea with a wonderful view. Very well-equipped and.....

It is 30 paces across the grass with the shore just behind. Enjoy the peace and quiet in our holiday apartment in Waialua on the eastern side of Molokai. You can open the front doors, take a look at the sea and go back to a more simple way of living.

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