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Severe quake near South Island | 1 NEWS NOW Surgical and hospital groups across Christchurch are teaming up to offer free colorectal cancers diagnosis centers for youngsters. Christchurch Charity Hospital and St. George's Hospital offer drama services and work with a decade of surgical experience to help diagnose colorectal cancers among under-50s. "Intestinal cancers are often regarded as a condition of the elderly.

It is often a sickness of the elderly. Said Professor Phil Bagshaw of Carity Hospital: "It was a big flaw to say that under 50s don't get it. She is a colon carcinoma patient who says she was detected quite recently. Part of the reason was that she was with child, part of it was that she was in her 30s and was considered too young for colon canker.

It is good that there are some physicians and experts who have shown and seen that there is a need to fill a void and these patients urgently need this treatment," said Ms Anderson.

On Wednesday the snows will cover parts of the South Island.

On Wednesday the snows will cover parts of the South Island. Due to the fierce climate, the NZ Transport Agency has issued a warning to drivers crossing the Alps Pass, with 5 to 10 centimeters of snows on the top of the Porters Pass from Tuesday night to Wednesday mornings.

Smaller sums will cover the Lindis, Arthurs and Lewis Passports as well as the Crown Range between Queenstown and Wanaka, Milford Rd and the Dunedin to Waitati Highway. Drivers have been cautioned not to anticipate icy conditions on the south. The inhabitants of Christchurch will tremble in strong rains, strong southerlies, gusty weather of up to 100kmh over high parts of the Port Hills and slight blizzards.

For Canterbury, Fiordland, Southland and Otago, MetService has released a major winter guard for Tuesday night and until Wednesday mornings, as considerable amounts of winter wonder. There will probably be some snows on Summit Rd and possibly Dyers Pass Rd, so folks need to be very careful.

Couldterbury Wetteranalytiker Russell Voice repeated the warning of low level snows in the Canterbury area. The MetService metorologist Kyle Lee said that remote areas at high altitude would maintain the extreme of rugged meteorology, with the Otago prognosis at -2C, the lower of the south centers.

The people of Dunedin will awake on Wednesday to a refreshing breakfast, with a 4C prediction at 8am and a high of 08C at noon.

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