New Zealand North Island area

North Island of New Zealand

North of the North Island enjoys a subtropical climate. Visiting New Zealand's North Island During a weeklong trip through New Zealand's North Island with a group of millennium friends. From Auckland we met all the big cities - Fireflies, Dragn Quiens and Herbits. It turned out to be an effortless and pleasant way to visit the island, with plenty of free rein for my own explore.

It was a free time in Auckland, so I went looking through the Britomart fashions and walked to the gravelly K Road for a dragn Queen cabin. Our journey took us to Paihia, where I paddled through mangroves and falls. The mysteriously shining Blue Worm of Waitomo Caverns and I saw a Maori dancing and a party in Rotorua.

Being a Lord of the Rings enthusiast, I couldn't get out of New Zealand without attending the Hobbiton film school. La Carmina and her fotographer were guest at Contiki Asia. Read more about La Carmina's New Zealand story on her travels blogs. While I admit that I wasn't sure I would like a coach ride, Contiki supplied everything I wanted from a week-long one.

I' ve seen places of interest all over the island and participated in travel ers of my own ages without thinking about the logistic. My first evening in Auckland was at Caluzzi Cabaret, a wonderful included extravagant draughtsman. For more information about Caluzzi Cabaret click here. The Britomart, a former factory area that now houses shops, struck me.

For many of these New Zealand design artists, local, environmentally responsible materials are used in contemporary designs. He combines the flavours of India from his early years with New Zealand's seasons and provides an extraordinary ging-tonics meal. The director Peter Jackson has created a true ship for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit-films.

I drove through mangroves with my Contiki group of acquaintances in picturesque Paihia. I participated in a Maori cleansing rite before I descended to Ruakuri, where I touched your mind with a drop of rain from the top of the caves. The city of New Zealand is known for its beautiful nature. Small cities like Waitomo are ideal for pulling the plug out of the socket and taking long strolls through foggy hilltops.

North Island is full of picturesque small cities with Maori name. Arriving in Rotorua, a historical Maori village full of geothermal activities. A few of my Contiki buddies took part in an action named Ogo, which was created here. In the Zippy Cafe in Rotorua I have eaten some of New Zealand's most popular staple foods: white pancakes (microfoam stewed milks over espresso) and cumara chips (from a native yam).

Saw a group of ballerinas perform the Haka or Maori Cry. A New Zealand wine is a must.

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