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We' ve found great results, but some are outside of Franz Josef. "For those who don't want to walk, a helicopter tour with snow landing is a must in Franz Josef (also departure from Fox Glacier). "Regardless of your fitness level, a glacier adventure awaits you at Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. You can join a guided group of Fox Glacier Guiding or the Franz Josef Glacier Guides. Luxurious day bus tour from Queenstown to Franz Josef.

Francis Joseph, New Zealand

PLS NOTE: FROM 8 JUNE TO 14 JUNE 2018 WE ARE CLOSING FOR ALL TOURS. For 16 years our tour leader has been leading in New Zealand in our national parks and for 11 years in the glacier valley. The small group tours offer you the chance to learn about the region's wildlife, vegetation, glaciology, ecology, and geological and historical background with your tour leader while you explore the Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, Lake Matheson and Okarito areas.

Southwest country is a rain forest and sometimes the weather can be very humid. Guided tours on request.

Route proposal for the Franz Josef Glacier from Queenstown / Wanaka

The Franz Josef Glacier, one of the twins glacier on the western shore of the southern island of New Zealand, is the more northward one. For most of the folks who come to New Zealand, the difficult decision is the old Fox Glacier vs. Franz Josef Glacier puzzle. It is difficult to put one over the other, just like selecting between your two favorite trousers, but we spent most of our years in Franz Josef.

In the city there is even more activity, the hike to the bottom of the mountain is more open and provides more vision and is nearer to our favorite place on the whole western coastline, Okarito. Franz ", as the natives call it, is just like Fox your friend, and he is not far from the sea, so you can check off glaciers, rainforests and beaches on the same time!

This is why three of our small groups take in the Franz Josef Glacier: Here you will find everything you need to know about the Franz Josef Gletscher for your New Zealand journey. Getting there, some route proposals, activites, attractions as well as one or two tips from the years in which we visited Franz Josef on our own Kiwi-Holiday.

Where' s the Franz Josef Gletscher? Franz Josef, like his twins in the southern hemisphere, is one of the best places in the whole wide globe to get near a large mountaincier. Go on a half-day hike through the Hauptgletschertal and enjoy the view of the wall of the station, hop on a helicopter or try iceclimbing with a leader.

When there is one place on the whole coastline that we like, it is Ocarito, right down the street from Franz Josef. That is one of the major reason why we take our leisure in Glacier Country to kayak on the lake and take a long stroll along the wind-whipped water.

Yes, another kiwi tag characteristic - glaciers, rain forest, kayak on the tidelaguna, stroll along the empty beaches, we could even say that you'll probably see one of our scarce White Herons, but that would seem to ring as if we were stating, so we'll store it as a little wonder until you get here!

What we mean is what we say when we tell folks not to hurry along the shore, they should stay at least 3 night and take the chance to stick their noses in all the little corners and corners that make the shore so unique. It is a long way to Franz Josef in one go and you would be compelled to pass many really nice places, so we think Wanaka is the place to be.

Accomplish your tasks (or just stay on your guide) and find the best stop on the'World Heritage Highway' from Wanaka to Haast, then drive up the coastline, we expect Ship Creek and Curly Tree White Bait are obligatory stop - tell TK and Mo about us when you try your white bait beat!

We' re always staying in Wanaka before we go to the coastline, Queenstown to Franz in one of the days means you'll miss a heap. So....start early and make many Heritage Highway to Haast, take a rest here before going due northerly, stop Curly Tree for your white bait first, then Ship Creek for a stroll on the shore or through the breathtaking Kahikatea woods, Knight's Point also has a rather nice look.

At Fox, drive to Lake Matheson to take the circuit and take some perfect reflective Mt Cook and Mt Tasman sunsets. When you continue to Franz Josef, then do it right and stay a few days, that gives you a whole days for hiking in the valleys, glaciers, chopper trips plus Okarito Laguna, for a kayaking or wild animal trip on the lake and a stroll on the shore.

From Glacier Country we drive back to Punakaiki for another overnight stay on the coastline, the lush forests and lofty calcareous rock form a true contrasting to Glacier Country, which you will like. Christchurch to Franz Josef: You miss things like a walk in Arthur's Pass or a view of Hokitika's beaches and Carver when you're in a hurry.

Queenstown to Franz Josef: If you come to New Zealand on your holiday of your dreams and perhaps only want to make this once in your lifetime, why not take your own free moment and savour it, it is an astonishing world! Of Wanaka to Franz Josef: If you come from Wanaka instead of Queenstown, you will have much more free space to really experience the Heritage Highway.

If we make this journey, we are not in a hurry and take most of the time of the morning to complete the 290 km (180 miles), because we know that everyone likes the many photographic possibilities and brief strolls along the way. As soon as you reach the shore, Ship Creek is a must, look out for our little Hectors sharks in the sheltered area.

When you' re not in a hurry, try Fox Glacier and Lake Matheson on the way to Franz Josef, you won't be sorry you took the time. Abel Tasman / Nelson to Franz Josef: If we showed friends in New Zealand and this was on our way, we would drive from Nelson to Paparoa National Park, stay there for 2 days before going to Glacier Country.

At the top of this top position is the majestic mountain range, and you can choose between self-guided downhill hiking, accompanied glacial hell hiking and even iceclimbing. Take half a full working days for the hike through the valleys, continue your way up to the end of the entrance to the glaciers and you will find the path, it is well structured and brings you right into the heart of the valleys and only a few hundred meters away from the glaciers.

There is no longer any entrance to the summit, so you have to take a scenic ride with a chopper to get on the Icecap. There are a number of accompanied glaciers, half-day and full-day glaciers and glaciers. Some of these tours also involve the hot pools in the city afterwards!

For those who want to walk off the well-trodden paths, there is the Sentinel Rock Walk or for those with experience, the Alex Knob and the Roberts Point Trail. If we go to see Franz Josef, we always make the brief excursion to Okarito, off the highway about 30 km from the town of Franz Josef.

There is a great way up to Okarito Trig, a brief ascent to fantastic coastal and southern alpine vistas and glaciers. Spread your feet on the empty beaches and have a cup of tea from our buddies Baz and Gemma at the kayaking center.

We are in Glacier Country and only a few kilometres from the sea, so you will find the whole spectrum of facilities here. In Franz Josef there are a few wetter alternatives such as the warm baths, the Alpenkino and the Wilderness Centres. In case the wheather is not good, make sure we have a good guide and stay some minutes in our jungle recreation and listen to the rainy days on the canopy!

Average temperature of Franz Josef Gletscher: How about a days you will never be able to overlook - flying by plane over the Southern Alps and glaciers in the mornings, visiting the seldom Okarito kayak lake in the afternoons, strolling along the lonely beaches, then drinking coffee and sitting back in the comfortable seats and telling the local people to relax for a days atidday.

Go back to Franz Josef Dorf for supper and enjoy a privately owned swimmingpool to end your ideal outing. Nowhere else in the whole wide can we imagine that you can do it all in one and the same days, that is what our travelers tell us when we go to see Franz!

Its name derives from the name of the famous discoverer Julius von Haast, the first europeans to explore the western seas. Some more kiwi - the writer Keri Hulme spent ten years on the Okarito Strand with Franz Josef, among other things when she was writing her Booker Prize-winning novel The Bone People.

It speaks of an untitled wind-swept western shore and the protagonist is an artiste who lives alone in this isolated area - I wager many thoughts came to Keri during the many long nights she stayed on that one! we' re happy to take our leisurely strolls along the coastline and glaciers so we can see all the places we've known and enjoyed since our childhood on our own kiwi holiday.

Throughout the years, many folks have said that they enjoy the tranquility of Okarito and of course the fantastic view of the ice, which is exactly what we do when we are here. Visiting Franz Josef, we are just before the end of our trip, so that everyone can really enjoy the last few nights in this beautiful little area.

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