Uss Tutuila Crew List

Us Tutuila Crew List

You had to look closely at the crew of a US gunboat to distinguish the sailors from the Coolies. GUAM, PANAY and TUTUILA were constantly on patrol on the Yangtze. Ancientist' s Bureau References to earlier cablegrams concerning damages to the Tutuila and embassy residency in Chugking during the July 30th avirage. The above amount contains the damages listed below in the stated amount for your information: Twenty five thousand seven hundred fifty-four dollars and thirty-eight cents ($25,754.38).

b) U.S.S.S. Tutuila Station Fair:

$5.00. Through the U.S.S. Tutuila: Five hundred U.S. Dollar ($500.00). {\a6.40}(d) U.S.S. Tutuila crew: Two hundred eighty-six U.S. dollar and forty cents ($286.40). $500.00. Repeatedly to Peiping and Changking.

A retired crew

The site is devoted to those crew members who have been serving their countries as members of the armed forces for 18 years or more and who have left either military or spare time. Offices: U.S. Naval Armed Guard Center, Brooklyn, NY, S.S. William Grayson, S.S. William Sturgis, S.S. Champions Hill, Tug Office, Naval Station, Norfolk, VA.

Wichita Naval Recruiting Station, KS. Recruiting Station, Little Rock, AR, Recruit Training Command, San Diego, CA, Duty Stations :


The VA this midweek added the following boats to the already existent list for Navy and Coast Guard boats and boats that were probably abandoned by Agent Orange. When you have been serving on one of these boats and a claim has been rejected, you should re-enter the VA list as the resource for your re-application.

The NAUS is informed that the VA is already working on a third list of more vessels. When you have a requirement and proof that the vessel you were serving on was in the waters of Vietnam and/or was actually bound to a jetty there, make sure that you take this into account with your requirement. doescked to the coast:

The USS Montrose (APA-212) was operating on the Song Hue River in December 1965, the USS Bolster (ARS-38)[salvage ship] onshore.

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