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The BEST HOTELS on Lanai Island HI. Tonight find offers, discounts, maps and phone numbers for cheap Lanai Island Hawaii hotel & motel rooms. Lana'i Four Seasons Resort in Manele Bay Lanai City, Lanai, Hawaii. Booking later paid hotels in Lanai City, HI with free cancellations and our lowest price guarantee.

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Hawaii's Lanai is a hidden travel secret

You will find scenic tropic excursions throughout the entire islands of Hawaii, but Lanai is a unique heaven. Although it is only nine nautical miles off the shore of Maui, Lanai looks beyond, a look back at what Hawaii once was like. Scarcely inhabited, the 141 square kilometre isle has only about 30 kilometres of asphalted road and petrol stations, and the countryside stretches from desert-like countryside to a breathtaking coastal line that hosts a conservation area.

Really going beyond the usual, the private isle is the new Four Seasons Lana'i, so we have made Lanai one of the best holiday resorts in 2016. Following a refurbishment worth several million dollars (more on this later), the resort has also changed the way people live on the isle.

This means that if you moor after the 45-minute boat trip from Maui or take a flight to the minuscule one-way Lanai airport, a four-year old wagon is ready to take you to the destination. If you want to discover the islands, the hotels has its own hire cars, so you don't have to worry about coordination with a landlord.

It is an interesting fact that the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, The Lodge at Koele, will open its rural resort as a health and beauty resort by the end of the year. All in all, it provides a smooth feeling. Hulopo'e Bay, a sea reserve, dominates the Four Seasons.

It' s a little away from the guesthouse - it's a five-minute walk - and although this gentle stretch of sandy land is open to the general eye, it's never overcrowded. An adult cavern style swimming pools was created to imitate the rocks of the islands (Lanai was the birth place of the rock jump). Take one around Lanai, the other through Maui, Molokai and Kahoolawe, an inhabited remote islet that was used by the U.S. Navy as a bomber empire after the Pearl Harbor war.

The Four Seasons gives you a special culture by taking you to the sights during the trip with your own guide. UTV Trilhead is a real Four Seasons mode with air-conditioned airflow, beverages and toilets to make your trip more enjoyable. Located amid the opening of new paths for horse and UTV, the hostel will add more airflow as they come to an end.

So we decided to ride, a quieter way to see the other side of the isle. In the stable of Koele, which traded in February under the roof of Four Seasons, we encountered the ranking Molly Dunwell for our trip. Throughout the four miles of the ribbon, the five-year-old Lanai native presented some exciting treats on how the remains of Lanai's former livelihood as the biggest pine apple orchard in the whole wide open space of the islands are (Dole's last crop was in the early 1990s).

Gib, our colored quarters train stallion, joined the quiet pedestrian road and took us through the arid, desert-like scenery, which is very different from that of the beach resort (wearing trousers and a long-sleeved vest - this part of the isle is about 10 to 15 degree colder than the Hulopo'e Bay of the resort, and the stallions appear some of the way dusty).

But Dunwell made a few pauses to show the prospects, among them one of Maui and Molokai. The course, which has been created by Jack Nicklaus, is the only one in Hawaii that offers a breathtaking view of the sea from every single golf course. Set amid rugged rocks and cracking ripples, the twelfth is particularly spectacular (Bill Gates was wed here and came back in 2015 to commemorate his anniversary).

Most of the time, the course (only open to hotels and Hawaiians) is about 30 laps a days, so you won't have any problems getting the tees. Focusing on expertise and services may be Lanai's most important missions, but the actual location of the property is not retrospective. Created from refined insel look with wood teeak and zebrano, handcrafted Nepali lockpaw wallpapers, natural stone flooring, natural stone flooring and a woolen settee with flax cushion, the beige-brown-white rooms remain faithful to their original look.

You will want to try the toilet articles - the luxurious resort has created, in collaboration with the purely organic Lather Aina firm (Hawaiian for "land"), a tailor-made line of scented Pleumeria items (including a sophisticated after-sun cream) using Alberta's Lanai Farm Kuqui Nut. The first Nobu field post in the Four Seasons range, Nobu Lanai makes the news in restaurants.

Nobu Matsuhisa presents the beloved kitchen of Nobu Matsuhisa, the head chef's favourite tea from Japan, with food from his own Lanai estate and presents his favourite dishes, but also has two Teppanyaki counter. Most of the menus are made up of sea food from Hawaii and US beef. You can order the juicy Big Island Hummer, piled on crunchy knoblauch and sweeter fried maize.

Malibu Farm, located by the swimming pools, is the latest gourmet complement. However, its best feature underlines what makes the archipelago so special: the tranquil, never-ending views of the rugged rocks and the oceans.

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