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New Zealand tour by Auckland motorbike rental or motorbike rental. Award-winning service on New Zealand motorcycle tours. Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Hire - New Zealand Motorcycle Hire One of the best holiday resorts in the word, New Zealand offers a host of touristic amenities for both adventurous addicts and first-time travellers who want to explore New Zealand's wonders of nature. There is a great choice of activities for all kinds of guests, from the famed Wildlife Cruise in Christchurch to the Dart River Jet Safaris in Queenstown.

A Harley Davidson motorcycle is the best way to enjoy all of New Zealand's amazing sights. They can help you with your day-to-day and week-by-week bicycle hire or even with the planning of a motorcycle trip around the isles.

Motorbike rental New Zealand Harley-Davidson BMW

In addition to guided tours, semi guided tours and self drive motorcycle tours, we also offer motorcycle rentals for personalized tours in New Zealand. Take advantage of a large choice of > motorcycle rental models and a global motorcycle pool with well-maintained Harley-Davidson and BMW bikes, other motorcycle brands and premium customer service.

We' re glad to support you with your motorbike rental for an unforgettable motorbike-trip. Favourite Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental models: Favourite BMW motorcycle models: Motorbike rental New Zealand: Would you like to reserve a guided motorcycle tour? Would you like to enjoy a motorbike, hotel etc. that you have already reserved in advanced?

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Motorcycle Hire New Zealand | CircleNZ Rentals

NZ Transport Agency has a rental service license and we are entitled to make rental cars available. As a rule, the minimal rental period for one of our bikes is 25 years, but it can be reduced to 21 years on a case-by-case however. This must clearly show that you are approved for motorcycling.

Lease Agreement and Vehicle Checking Off Sheet. Rental time begins when the motorcycle is collected and is then calculated in 24 hour-unit. There is a min. rental time of one days. Like when you collect your bicycle for 3 days at 10am. It MUST be handed back by 10 a.m. on Monday at 00 a.m.

The motorcycle MUST be handed back by the date and hour indicated on the rental agreement, otherwise a fee of $250 PLUS for rental per day in increments of at least 24hrs is due until the motorcycle is handed back. If you do not hand the motorcycle back on schedule and notify us within two hour of your planned date of returning it, the motorcycle will be deemed theft.

$2,500 deposit is needed before the motorcycle is handed over to you on the rental date. Cancellations made more than 28 nights after the first date of rental will be refunded in full, less a processing fee of $50. Cancellations made within 21 working nights after the first rental date will be refunded 50%.

Cancellations made within 8 nights before the first rental date or during the rental time will not be refunded. If the motorcycle is damaged, the Hirer must immediately notify CircleNZ stating the loss, the name of the witness, the type of occurrence, the police identification number, etc.

Considering the type and cause of the claim, we will take appropriate measures, e.g. approve a service, organize a spare motorcycle or terminate the rental contract. No compensation will be paid if the car is so badly affected that it is no longer roadworthy and if the tenant has done the same.

Exceptionally, we can organise pick-up/collection outside these times, but this must be agreed in advance in written form at least 36hrs. Lessee is entitled to pay $80 for repair of machinery failure such as defective wiring, light bulb, etc. It will be refunded at the end of the rental if a voucher is available.

In case of a mechanic failure, the AA will accompany the car and try to fix the problem, if they are not able to fix it, they will take you and the car to a safe place for repaire. In case of a break-down, the lessee must notify as soon as possible and we will endeavour to help with the repairs or, if possible, to procure a substitute car.

Should a substitute car not be available, we will reimburse the rest of the rental time. AAA Breakdown service 0800 734543, please indicate your name. Our bikes are serviced at a very high level and should not have to be serviced during the rental time.

It is forbidden to ride any of our bikes on the following streets, except as indicated below: Certain cars are also prohibited: the renter may not use or allow the motorcycle to be used: For carrying cargoes. From someone other than the one specified in the rental agreement.

Lessee shall be responsible for any penalties imposed on the car during the rental time. Penalties will be taken from your debit or debit cards and an administration fee of $50 will be charged unless the tenant has already prepaid the penalty before the end of the rental time. Where this is not accepted, we will either reimburse the full rental price or provide you with a lower motorcycle with a pro-rata reimbursement of the initial rental price.

We deliver all our bikes with a full gasbox. At the end of the rental you must return the car with a full petrol pump. Do NOT wash the car while it is in your custody. Rates are in New Zealand Dollars and include VAT (gst).

He responded to several e-mails with a lot of information about how to get there, gave us advice about accommodation and itineraries, collected us in person from the airfield (on Christmas day!) and provided real "over the top" accommodation in his own home. Both DL650 bikes were fully equipped for sports tours and we were sent out with the plea to return them filthy and used and to have as much pleasure as possible.

In the second half of 2017, my boy had the brilliant plan to rent a motorcycle and circumnavigate South Island during the brief rest he got from work over Christmas. All in all: an outstanding option when it comes to determining the detail of your next cycling trip in a very nice New Zealand.

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