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Check hotel rates and find the lowest price for Altiplanico Easter Island Hotel in Hanga Roa. Find the cheapest deals on Hotel Hangaroa Eco Village & Spa, Easter Island on Trip.com. If it' time to say goodbye to Easter Island, simply end your trip with this joint departure transfer to Mataveri International Airport. Her rooms were booked up when we were looking for hotels!

Soak up spring in one of Newport Beach's finest hotels in the heart of Fashion Island with luxurious rooms and suites, fine dining and more.

Ciudadella & Easter Island Hotels

The Casa de Baños Hare Vai with swimming pools, massages and jacuzzis is located next to the communal rooms. Located in a privileged position, this one-of-a-kind spiritual treat is a secluded heaven on the south-western tip of Easter Island. Featuring a delightful look that blends in perfectly with its surroundings, its 75 rooms are a good place to remain and unwind after a tour of the island.

Rooms with sea view made of precious material such as loam and vulcanic stone and rooms with curving shapes that have been influenced by caverns convey the island's naturally charmer. The Vaikoa Bar offers a refreshing meal and a splendid view. There' s also a speciality shop with regional and foreign dishes and a café on a seafront area.

Featuring large en-suite mansions, a luxury spa, a well-equipped fitness studio, a first-class dining area, a pub and dining area, and the Andes. The Casa de Uco Wines is located on a huge vineyard and offers a scenic view of the numerous vineyards and snow-capped Andes.

This environmentally sound, state-of-the-art guesthouse - built in cold cement and iron - makes a distinctive impression against a rustic setting. Indulge in our spas, saunas, steam baths, gyms, outdoor and indoor sports facilities, outdoor and indoor sports, outdoor and indoor use. Situated in an imposing edifice in front of Independencia Square, Hyatt Mendoza Park has 186 rooms, a spas, a gym, cafeteria, indoor and outdoor pools and five theme dining areas.

In Vistalba, Lujan de Cuyo, 8 leagues southwards from Mendoza, the Villa Mansa Wine Hôtel provides light and airy rooms with balcony, set in vineyards and olives. It has free Wi-Fi, hot swimming pools, spas with drying saunas, Scotch showers and whirlpools and a breathtaking view of the Andes.

There is a good selection of the best of Mendoza´s directly from the subterranean winery. Explora Atacama has 50 rooms on its 17 hectare conserved native lands in keeping with the environment and traditional cuisine. It has four swimminpools, four whirlpools and a saunas and is just a few minutes walk from Puritama Hotsprings.

Incorporating the ruined pre-Inca buildings outside San Pedro de Atacama, the 10 round suite features enchanting straw rooftops and large toilets that open into home solaria with al-fresco-showering. There is a gastronomic place, local bars and Wi-Fi. The Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa has 42 rooms with stylish decor.

Unwind and watch the sun set over the fire in the open-air lounge, eat in the in-house dining room or massages with a Puri Spas traditional ingredient such as curinoa and alphplanic silt. There are six open-air spas, interior and exterior hydro-massage spas, a saunas, and a Turkish bathtub.

The Tierra Atacama offers a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere and contemporary, classy architectural style. Soak up the tranquillity of the Atacama Desert at one of the patio fireplaces, relax on one of the outside deck and watch the many starry skies as darkness sets in. Restuarant and Wi-Fi on site.

The interior is airy and cosy; everyone has a patio to admire the view of the mountains. The majority of the furnishings are designed to give the impression that the building is a part of Atacama that comes out of the ground. You can take a bath in the swimming pools and eat in the local restaurants after a full exploration tour.

Singular Santiago combines contemporary and neo-classical French styling into an amazingly nice resort in the centre of Lastarria, close to fine arts studios, and more. Peaceful and enchanting in the wooded neighbourhood of Providencia, Le Reve is a great option for travellers looking for personal care and tranquility in Santiago.

It is reminiscent of a small Parisian motel, both for its Parisian architectural style and for its attentive services. It offers its clients comfortable rooms with luxury facilities and a refreshing buffet in its gardens during the sun. The 196-room W Santiago is simple, classy and demanding and impresses from inside and outside.

Each room has room-high window with stunning view of Santiago and the nearby hills. Increase the win-win situation by going up to the roof of the swimming pools to enjoy more stunning outlooks. If you don't want to relax in the modern rooms or explore the town, you' ll find many areas of the hotels amenities, which include dining, lounging and gym.

Situated in the Lastarria area - legend for its Czech atmosphere and its superlatives of culture attraction - this 70-room tourist resort welcomes travellers with convenience and stil. Use the gym, the open-air swimming pools or the Punto Ocho and Santiagoskiline.

The Atton El Bosque is a good choice for those who want to stay in Santiago, with its large rooms, favourable position and high price-performance ratio. There is a 24-hour businesscenter, a gym, a swimming bath with a panorama view of the town, 8 conference rooms and free Wi-Fi to use. The Solace Santiago has 108 rooms with contemporary comfort and design in the Providencia area of Santiago.

It is an environment friendliness and visitors will find a swimming area, a gym, a patio overlooking the town and a local eatery. Refurbished villa offering charme and convenience in the centre of Santiago. There are 28 rooms in the central part of the house and 12 rooms in the other side of the town.

It is immaculate and a friendly personnel will make every guest's visit as pleasant as possible.

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