French Southern and Antarctic Lands

South and Antarctic regions of France

France Southern and Antarctic Landsball is a dependency on Franceball. This was part of the French Madagascar ball before it gained its independence. An encyclopaedia of law and religion, General Editor Gerhard Robbers. The paper provides an overview of bilateral trade relations between the French Southern and Antarctic countries and Belgium. A national flag of the French Southern and Antarctic countries is a quality flag made of tricopolyester or spun.

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The French Southern and Antarctic Territories (French: Territous and Antarctic Territories of France, or TAAF;) are an archipelago of the Southern Ocean, approximately equally far between Africa, Antarctica and Australia, together with a small stretch of Antarctica known as Adélie Land. The Kerguelen archipelago, a group of volcanoes in the southern Indian Ocean, south-east of Africa, approximately equally far between Africa, Antarctica and Australia; St. Petersburg.

The Paul and Amsterdam Isles (Îles Saint Paul et Amsterdam), a group just off Kerguelen; Crozet Isles (Îles Crozet), a group in the southern Indian Ocean, just off Madagascar; Adélie Land (Terre Adélie), the French slogan on the Antarctic side; the Îles Éparses islets of the Indian Ocean, a cluster of distributed archipelagos around the Malagasy coastline.

Southern countries are made up of two almost arctic archipels, Iles Crozet and Iles Kerguelen, and two vulcanic isles, Ile Amsterdam and Ile Saint-Paul. Antarctic Countries" is made up of Adélie Land, a thin piece of the Antarctic mainland that was found and used by the French in 1840 and put aside by the Antarctic Treaty.

There''s no airport on these isles. There''s no ports on these isles. Its business activities are restricted to supporting research centres for meteorology and geophysics as well as French and other fisheries fleet. Fishes caught by alien vessels on Iles Kerguelen are destined for France and Reunion. They have no official accommodations on these isles.

The Ile Amsterdam and Ile Saint-Paul are extinguished volcanos. Each of these isles has a rough environment, especially in the southern winters. There is a small clinic in Port-aux-Francaises, Kerguelen.

South and Antarctic French Territories of Kerguelen

Kerguelen Islands are 2,051 leagues from any kind of civilisation. It has no indigenous people, but as part of the French Southern and Antarctic regions, it is staffed at all seasons by 50 to 100 French scholars, technicians and explorers.

Kerguelen, the principal isle, is called Desolation Iceland and is encircled by almost 300 desolate satellites. Massively glacial activity covers the major isle, which extends for almost 100 nautical mile, reaching 6,445 ft at its highest point. They are so isolated that even if there was an airfield, the rough, frosty weather and the frozen ground make it an unwanted place for people.

There is only one way to and from the isle by boat, but if you are planning what would actually be the poorest holiday of all time, a boat will cost 15,000 euros and the boat will only sail four days a year, so you should be planning accordingly.

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