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This chain of islands stretches from Kauai in the west to the Great Island of Hawaii in the east. Homepage of the U.S. Southern Command. Other Pacific island chains that used to belong to Germany will be given to the British.

On the Hebrides tour we explore the many islands that make up this chain of islands. South Carolina and Georgia, southeast United States.

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There is a deep chain of deep seabed areas stretching from Florida in the northern part along the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina. Many wild animals of all kinds live on these wonderful isles. Looking at some of the best angling spots in the southeast of the United States, many of these insulated palm-clad islets have breathtaking blank sands.

Hilton Head is the most popular and well-known island in the chain. Covering an area of 40 square mile, it comprises leagues of vast sandy areas, naval resorts, over two tens of master course locations and more than any other resorts of its magnitude. It is equipped with a number of resorts and accommodation facilities.

Floating wood and flora characterize the coasts of the South Carolina Sea Islands.....

Island Amelia

North-East Florida is more than just a travel resort, it is a down-to-earth port where daily life and work take place." The Sea Island chain has a long story with Timucuan Indians, Spanish, French and UK discoverers, bold swindlers, millionaire guerrillas of the latter part of the nineteenth centuries and today's shrimps and codfish.

Travellers like the island for its 13 mile generally crowded-free shores, Fort Clinch State Park and Amelia Island State Park and Egan's Creek Greenway, which is made up of a walking/cycling path through 300 acres of sheltered countryside that surrounds fresh water swamps, marshes and woodland. Oaks with a lot of mosses are a trademark of this municipality and the historical city centre features mom-and-pop diners, an old-fashioned confectionery store, boutiques and arts galeries.

A number of night-time entertainments and activities such as the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival attract masses of people every year. Amelia Island is the target, but the city itself has a different name. As the island is inhabited all year round, it is divided into "plantations", which restrict visitor entry.

There are other areas of the island - such as recreation areas, rented apartments and playing fields - open to all. It has many beach accesses and it is simple to hire bicycles and private watercrafts on the island. Don't miss Island Winery, which specialises in the production of artisanal wines in small series.

Had you ever seen the weather channel in the Atlantic during the stormy weather period, you probably know Cape Hatteras: a goal that has been hit by many hurricanes over the years. Situated to the south-west of the Cape, Hatteras Island is well deserved a stopover - especially when the weather is sunny. Water sports of all types are also popular: swimmers come to swim, kayak, kitesurf and windsurf while anglers go angling and canoeing.

Hatteras is on the pulse of every serious surfers. It is a uniquely small hamlet with 16 leagues of unexplored shores (some routes allow 4x4 vehicles), a flock of rugged horses, a light house that is said to be the oldest on the East Coast, and Ocracoke Village, dating from the 1880' and listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In the past, Blackbeard and Brethren used to visit these banks, which are now inhabited by only a thousand people. In spite of its small dimensions, the island has accommodation ranging from campsites, lodges, and picturesque inns. The journey to Ocracoke Island requires some preparation. The North Carolina ferry system can take you from Hatteras (60 minutes), Cedar Island (2 hrs and 15 min) or Swan Quarter (2 hrs and 40 min) to the island.

There is not a light on the island to protect the tortoises that are nesting here from 1 May to 31 October, which means that there are few street lights. The island's one-of-a-kind east-west exposure (most accessible isles are in a north-south pattern) enables it to preserve wonderful sand and shells.

J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge is the right place to spot spoonbill herons, snow herons, snowshoes, huge cormorant and other species as well as gators, Bobcat, river otter and cows. Island Inn is the oldest such facility on Sanibel, which dates back to 1895. The ultimate dusk adventure can be enjoyed at South Seas Island Resort on Capeva Beach or at the end of Andy Rosse Lane, Whitman Lane or Laika Lane.

Cape Verde cruise is a beautiful blend of delphin and wilderness cruising, sundown, sea and shell trips to remote Cayo Costa State Park and our archipelago of Cabbage Key, Useppa and Boca Grande. Island-fire-32 mils long and less than a nautical metre in width is in the middle of the outer Barrier Isles that embrace Long Island, New York.

There are less than 300 constant islanders, but every sommer the island is visited by tens of thousand. These guests will be able to admire the shores along the Fire Island National Seashore and Robert Moses State Park. No cobbled streets on the island, so it won't be a surprise to find out that automobiles aren't permitted here.

Coming from Patchogue, Sayville or Bay Shop by boat, while you visit the island you have to use your feet to reach your goal. For a long time Fire Island has been LBGT-friendly, especially the municipalities of Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines. Located just off the east coast of Maryland and Virginia is Assateague Island, half of which is under the National Park Service area.

You will find en Assateague State Park und die Assateague Island National Maryland und Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge en Virginie. Whilst the beach here is breathtaking and the Assateague Lighthouse itself is renowned, it is the flocks of wild animals that amaze you. Campsite is very much liked here and provides easy acces to some of the most untouched coastal, swamp and marine forests on the east coast.

Tip: On Assateague, more than 300 different types of residents and migrating bird can be found, from the large U.S. pelicans and cormorants to the bluethroat, Great Cormorants, Great Greythroat, Antarctic tern and black-headed gull. But Jekyll Island has a great deal in common with the other accessible island on this favourites list: it also boasts kilometres of beach, swamps and marine forests.

What makes Jekyll Island so special is how well it houses the family. There is no lack of walking, cycling, kayaking and canoeing routes and you can even take a Segway trip through the forrest.

Jekyll Island is one of the most beloved prawn festival in the South of America and is staged every year in September. Situated on South Padre Island in Cameron County on the southern tip of Texas on the Gulf Coast, South Padre Island is the place to be if you are looking for a holiday destination with nice beachfront (there are 34 leagues of it); multi-storey and condominium properties; water sports such as para-sailing, kite-boarding and jetski; the Beach Waterpark toboggan run; horse backpacking; and night clubs that welcome the Spring Break-audience.

Contrary to some of the smaller and more sleepy Accessible Isles, South Padre has more than 50 different places to eat and drink. The South Padre Island is known as the "Fireworks Capital of Texas".

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