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Maui Hawaii Map

Whilst we love the road to Hana, there are many other breathtaking trips on the island of Maui. Love this Google satellite map of Maui, Hawaii! Zoom in and see a close-up of any area of Maui you might want to travel to! It' a quadrant map showing Maui, Lanai and Molokai Islands. We' re a free concierge and reservation service for Hawaii.

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I' ve seen a lot of folks using Google in order to "drive" the island before they leave - inwaiting. In Google Map, type in your start and end points.... for example in this example I used the Kaanapali Beach Club Hotel (A) to Lahaina (B). As soon as you have the description, pull the little guy (he is on the top lefthand corner of the map) onto the green itinerary.

I put him on this map about halfway down: You can improve your location with the arrow keys on the bottom of the map..... or just click a point further forward on the map to move about. If you ask for the way to Hana, the trail is displayed just below Haleakala.

To receive the RTH itinerary, please type Keanae Peninsula as one of your stations between your departure point and Hana. The BLBL.... Google St. Came in. I' m on my way to discover the impulses for each of my "planned" daily excursions on Maui and Kauai. The google road camera was there.>> What does what mean?

Recently I saw the Google cart in my neighbourhood and followed it for a while.

Maps of Maui, Hawaii

The map of Maui, Hawaii is from Google, and I totally like it! Of all the Maui cards out there, this is the only one you'll ever need! Zooming in on any area of Maui that interests you for a more detailled map! Click on the plus or minus sign to enlarge or reduce.

It is even faster if you place the pointer on the map and keep the lefthand mousebutton pressed while you "steer". In the top right of the map there are icons that you can use to modify the map type. You are free to explore and see which styles you like.

1 ) It is always useful to know how long it takes to get from point A to point B. Here is a list of Maui journey times estimations to help you in planning your trekk! 2) For more information about Maui, go to Maui car hire:

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