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Hauraki Gulf

Maps of Hauraki Golf Marine Area For a 12-page introductory guide and map click here. Hauraki Golf, known by many as Tikapa Moana and by others as Te Moananui ? Toi, is justifiably recognized as Nat inalta. The Mana whileua, the federal and state governments, community and interest groups have all worked together to build Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari, a naval space map to protect this world.

When you use Hauraki Golf for any reason - recreation or sports, acquaculture, commercial/entertainment, boating or tourist - or if you are just interested in keeping it comfortable, then Sea Change - Tai Timu Tai Pari Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial plan influences and engages you.

Hauraki Gulf Enthusiasts

Waiheke Islands, a group of municipalities committed to the creation of a new maritime reservation on the north shore of the Isle. The Hauraki Gulf Friend of the Hauraki is a registred association. In 2011, the Gulf of Hauraki reports show that the environment continues to deteriorate sharply.

The Waiheke Island-based local church group, Friend of the Hauraki Gulf, was founded in answer. Our proactive and positive approach is (1) to improve the Hauraki Gulf's biological diversity and (2) to make the Gulf a place where people can live in and around it in a way that is lasting, respectful and inspiring. It is our mission to create wholesome golf, full of sea creatures, for the pleasure of all, now and in the futurolog.

All Waiheke employees are invited to work with us to realize this mission. Researchers and others widely agree that a web of maritime reservations that includes a variety of living spaces across the Gulf is the best way to realize this dream. The net should be at least 10% of the area of the gulf.

Currently, only 0.3% of the Gulf is sanctuaryed. An islander who benefits from life in the Gulf every day, we would very much like Waiheke to have a greater part in this shelter. A part of the north coast of Waiheke Island is a potential site for a new maritime reservation.

Recently, we commissioned maritime researchers to conduct trustworthy research that will allow us to evaluate the potentials. Included in the scope of the project are: a North Coast Maritime Habitats study (completed in April 2013); a North Coast Biodiversity study (independently launched in December 2012 and still in progress); a professional sample study of the Waiheke population's attitude to their use of the maritime ecosystem (under development) and a thorough evaluation of the socio-ecological, economical and heritage impacts of a Maritime Reservation, taking into account different possible sites.

It is only when all these surveys have been concluded, analyzed and submitted to the European Union that the limits of a protected area can be reasonably and officially taken into account. Friends Group sees the Waiheke North Side Naval Reservation Initiatives as a one-of-a-kind way to give a sustainable present to the island's and the Gulf's future population.

Elderly people who are being brought up and growing up here, who currently have a bright and prosperous life in an ever more exhausted nature, will profit - as will all those who enjoy the wonderful ocean surroundings in which we sojourn. This also benefits leisure, habitual and merchant fisheries outside the reservation.

Friends Group is not self-interested or financially driven in this campaign. The groups have volunteered their assistance for a maritime reservation on the north side of the Waiheke. Welcome any further assistance and urge all Waiheke Islanders to get in touch with us to make sure they are involved in the work.

The Waiheke LAB changed its 2013-2014 annual plan in April 2013 to incorporate this decision: b) That the Waiheke LoC: The Waiheke LaClan: The Waiheke Localboard: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Localboard: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Localboard: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Localboard: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Localboard: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Local Group: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Local Group: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Local Group: The Waiheke Group: The Waiheke Local Bo: The Waiheke Local Board: "Forestry & Bird believe Hauraki Gulf and New Zealand would profit from the establishment of further maritime reservations. Maritime reservations are demonstrably the most efficient way of protecting our maritime environments, which leads to the regeneration of fisheries resources, the enhancement of the maritime landscape and the good of the indigenous population.

Forestry & Bird is encouraging the municipality to participate in the consulting processes of the Friend of Hauraki Gulf, where a second Marine Reserve for Waiheke can be established. "8 "8 Updated on Marine Protected Areas and Initiatives. Lesley Stone and Dan Breen from the Hauraki Gulf Group were present.

Thank Lesley Stone and Dan Breen for their presentations. The Hauraki Gulf Marina Spatial Plan. F: If a protected sea area is set up on the north bank of Waiheke, can I still take my dogs for a stroll on the beaches?

One: Of the 34 sea reservations in New Zeeland, there are 8 that may allow the use of dog beds on the beach. Seven of them allow a dog on shore right next to the SPA. Those protected seas are: The Onerahi section, Whangarei Naval Reservoir; 2nd Long Bay/Okura Naval Reservoir; Dog Hiking at Long Bay, one of New Zealand's most crowded and bustling shores and adjacent to a sea-reservation area.

The Matuku Marine Reserve, Waiheke (dogs can walk from Otakawhe Bay along the'Paper Road' and Pearl Bay but not beyond the point where NZ yolk nest); 4. The Kapiti Marine Reserve (which comes in for 1 km between Paraparumu and Waikanae. The area is a mouth with bird life, so keep your dog on a leash); 5th Tapuae Marine Reserve (near New Plymouth); 6th Taputerangi Marine Reserve (which comprises Owhiro, Icelandic and Houghton bays.

Due to the existence of infant seal, pets are banned from one side of Island Bay, but are permitted on the other beaches); here Roy is the Labrador who enjoys the Houghton Bay shore. West Harbour (the land side of the reservation is an area where the DOC allows hunter and their dogs).

"When it comes to pets, I would recommend that although the Department has the possibility to create rules to monitor pets in protected areas, it has not done so in any of the current SPAs. It would only design rules to monitor a dog if they cause a dog pest, e.g. if they harass wild animals - and it is likely that if they did, the advice would already have drawn up statutes or rules for that to work.

So, yes, it is very likely that under the current Auckland Council rules dogs will migrate to sandy areas - even if this sandy area borders on a protected area. F: Is a protected area in front of a shore unparalleled? No. There are 6 protected areas in New Zealand off the coast of residences and many in Australia and around the globe.

F: Will the DOC take command of the beach? S: "Marine reservations are not obliged to cover the foreland (any country which, at medium flash floods, is exposed and exposed by the current and low tide). However, the limits of maritime reservations must be defined in such a way that they are clear and convenient to all.

"Possession of areas bordering protected areas is not affected by the protected area - the Ministry does not inspect land that it does not administer. Waiheke Beach is under the Auckland Council jurisdictional area. You can define the borders of a protected area off the coast or at the low tide marker.

F: Will the DOC allow operators to work from Waiheke beach? Commenting on the decision, A: "Under the present maritime protected areas law, the Ministry cannot grant licences for maritime protected areas. Waiheke Beach is under the Auckland Council jurisdictional area. F: Can vessels be anchored or anchored in a protected area?

Anchorage of pleasure craft is allowed in every New Zealand SPA. F: What is the area of protected areas in relation to unspoilt water for protected areas to be efficient? F: How can I learn more about the Waiheke North Side Maritime Reservation Inititative? Friends of Hauraki Gulf Group would be pleased to present to all interested parties.

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