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See our Molokai Island property guide and information about houses for sale in Molokai Island, HI. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Molokai Offline Travel Guide. Do you travel around the Lanai & Molokai Islands? The Molokai, a pristine island in Hawaii USA and a perfect place for a spontaneous holiday. In-depth course information with prices, directions, hotels and weather forecast for Ironwood Hills Golf Club, Kualapuuu, Molokai.

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Hello everyone, we are looking forward to visit Molokai in a few month. If we go to such places, we like to get a guide for a whole days to get information about the area, to show us the story, to give us an impression of the atmoshere...

Have you any ideas? I' d have Claire Mawae from Moloka'i Outdoor do it. I' m not sure if this would work for you, Bob had a whole bunch of buddies on the itinerary. I' ve sent Molokai an e-mail outside. That guy Bob and his boyfriends weren't very nice to.................... I'd ask for someone except Rudy if it was accident.

Only for the record, I got the feeling from "Bob" that he found Rudy "very friendly". "He was funny, very kind and very well-informed. What I didn't like was Rudy not adapting to his passenger.

Molokai Guide

The Molokai demand cocoa, or disrespect. Native residents have closed two multi-million US dollars resort on the western side of the isle. For over fourty years they have been fighting cruisers, boats, group trips, helicopter trips, designers and land transplants, and now they just know.... you just don't show up on Molokai.

The Molokai'ohana call it a "city" is actually only a few boulders along Ala Malama, with some foothills on side highways. There' s no road light, no light, and no buildings in the city are higher than a palm trees. If you are arriving from the Ala Malama or from the western side, turn lefthand onto the Ala Malama (at the chevron on the corner).

When you come by boat, simply go ahead along Kaistra├če and it becomes Ala Malama. From the quay, the stroll takes about fifteen min. if you want to save the sky-high costs of taxis. The American Savings Bank and the Bank of Hawaii are located right next to each other at the beginning of the city.

In order to get back in contact with the cyber world, visit Stanley's Coffee House and the gallery across the city for the quickest web connection on the Isle; there is also WIFI at Outpost Natural Foods for a proposed $1 contribution.

Molokai Public Library also has several computer with web connection, as well as several regional and domestic papers. There' s a post office in the city directly on the Ala Malama, and the Molokai General Hospital is off the beaten track in the back of the city, just following the road's simple sign.

Campsite: it will be useful to stop by the Mitchell Pauole Center on the Ala Malama and Ainoa St. corners, next to the ballparks. Visit the extremely useful Molokai Visitors Association on the Kamoi St. junction and the major motorway on the south-eastern outskirts.

A look into the city and it won't take long to realise that this is the only home for organically grown foods on the islands and the only place that sells it. Against the backdrop you will find your rescue from the islands when you are eating vegetables in the shape of a delicatessen. Each Saturday mornings, in rainy or sunny weather, Molokai peasants meet along Ala Malama Avenue to sell their goods.

In the heart of the city, this is by far the biggest food outlet on the entire country and therefore the best place to go shopping. Situated above the American savings bank on Ala Malama, this elegant galery and souvenir boutique shows only the best works of the best artist on the Isle. Designed to meet the needs of Molokai performers who previously had no space to exhibit or market their work, this means more assistance for the community business.

Ala Malama turns on the southern side of the high street into Kaunakakai Pl. The Kaunakakai Shipyard (also known as the Shipyard Road), which takes you to the Kaunakakai Shipyard. Beside the beautiful view, the quay is a great place to get a feeling for the life style of the inhabitants of Molokai. The 150-meter-long jetty is full of fishers and hosts almost at any time of the year.

When you want to relax in the Molokai way, get some seats, a cool box and play back to the trade through the Pailolo canal. The best seasons on the quay are without a doubt the jib boat racing in June and July. On the quay is also a twenty-year-old fishery co-operative, the Molokai Ice House, and at the end is the harbour of call for the Molokai Princess between the islands.

Shortly before the start of the shipyard, on the western side, you will (hardly) see the remnants of the holiday house of King Kamehameha V.. The more King Kamehaha V story is just down the street a mile west of the city, where you will see the 10-acre Kapuaiwa Coconut Forest, plant by the king to provide shadow for attending the toll.

Very oh-nay ah-lee-ee, this seaside resort is actually two adjacent beaches on the sea side of Kam V Hwy around the 3 mile mark. If you ask five persons if you can walk from Halawa Valley to Moaula Falls without a guide, you will probably get five different answer.

At Kamoi St. and the highroad. In case you have never been to the isle, we suggest you stop by. Situated in the Molokai Hotel foyer, this is our selection for the best outfitters on the Isle. Full and half days are possible at reasonable rates. We have several activities guidebooks that can guide you on packed and tailor-made trips around the islands - windsurfing courses, kayaking, horse riding, hiking, cycling - everything is possible.

Surfshop half a nautical league in the western part of the city with all kinds of goods. When you are looking for a wave, let the Molokai inhabitant of many years, Jerry Leonard, point you in the right directions. Nearly 3 nautical leagues long, Papohaku is the longest and biggest sandy area in Hawaii.

In spite of its beauties and the huge shoreline it masks, you can still see only a few crowds on the whole shore, and sometimes you can run the whole distance without seeing another souls. Papohaku has four entrances - the primary entrance is via Papohaku Strand Campingground, a very beautiful, well-shaded campsite with good amenities.

PBC is the best campsite on the Isle of Hawaii for those who want to get away from it all and a safe choice for the best campsite in Hawaii. Across the point that marks the southern end of Papohaku Bay, there are several accesses to the sandy areas with nice vistas, wonderful sandy areas and enjoyable surroundings.

Southwards from the campsite, you will come across Dixie Maru, the name of an old boat that sank off the shore years ago. It is an ideal place to swim on a quiet night and offers the best snorkelling on the western side, and when the sea is up there are good point fractures on both sides.

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