Castaway Island Fiji Map

Fiji Island Map

Here you can view a map of Castaway Island Fiji Resort. At the Mamanuca Islands Private Mail Bag, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands. The Castaway Island, Fiji, apartments Castaway Island. Locate maps, offers and tips at Castaway Island Fiji. In Castaway Island, Fiji, Fiji: reviews, pictures, virtual tours, videos, webcams, map and description.

Getting to Fiji

From all over the globe, planes arrive at Nadi - Fiji's home island - on the island of Vitu Levu. Large multinational carriers fly well to Fiji, among them Fiji's own carrier Air Pacific. Frequent liner traffic runs from North America, Great Britain and Continental Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand in the North.

Others serving Fiji are Air New Zealand, Continental Airways, Jetstar, Korean Airways, Pacific Blue and V Australia. Contact your local tourist agency or check the airline's website for specific Fiji itineraries. A number of UK and European services operate via Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Seoul.

It is also a favourite stop-over for travelers from Australia or New Zealand on the Pacific route to the USA and Europe. In the Mamanuca group of islets, Castaway Island (Qalito Island in Fijian) is the big attraction about thirty kilometres (or 18 miles) from Nadi International Airfield on Fiji's capital island Viti Levu.

Travel to Castaway Island, Fiji: simple and entertaining by canoe, floatplane or helikopter.

History of Fiji | Castaway Island, Fiji | Fiji Resorts

The great chieftain Lutunasobasoba guided his tribe across the oceans of East Africa into the new country (now Fiji ) about 1000 years ago, according to local legends. In 1643 the first discoveries of the island in Europe were made by the discoverer Abel Tasman from the Netherlands. More than 100 years later, the English captain James Cook passed through in 1774.

Capt. Cook is said to have asked the Tongans for the name of the western isles. Capt. William Bligh, who navigated through Fiji after the Bounty rebellion in 1789, made the first extensive map of the island. It became independent in 1970. The Republic of Fiji today comprises 332 isles, of which over 220 are still uninhabited.

There is no more beautiful populated island than Castaway Island, Fiji (traditionally known as Qalito Island). It was the first of the Mamanuca Islands resorts to be built. More about our island here.....

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