Fanning Island Pacific Ocean

Pacific Fanning Island

On our way to Samoa we stopped in Fanning Island for four days and had a wonderful time. To learn more about Kiribati, visit Pacific Island Travel or Lonely Planet. Kiribati Cruise Port. It is drifting in the open sea as it approaches Fanning Island. Map of Washington Island created to North Pacific Exploring.

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We went on one of our trips to Fanning. While we were booking the trip, we needed Google to see where she was and what this island was all about. Many critics here have stated that there is no power, no running-consumption. There is a stunning range of colours from the inside of the tunnel to the open sea, from teal to marine blue: 16 million colours at a glance.

We' had been told that we had brought along a toy, a pencil, crayons, educational materials and notebooks because they are very much loved by the schoolchildren. Before we boarded, I went shopping in Honolulu and needed an additional case to take everything with me. I' ve found a woman who sells a triacnide shell and shellwork. I wanted a bigger shell.

It was a kid who ran away and came back with one about three time as big. I' m often thinking of Fanning Island and how they're just centimeters above the water. When you leave, you' ll be bringing a lot of dollars for the kids. Please be sure to have as much equipment as you can use.

Take your inner baby with you and be enchanted by these beautiful humans. You should also have a good digital video recorder with a few additional storage media. I am also often happy about my shells. There' sandy is everywhere, it' s thinner than icing candy. It comes in everything you have.


The Fanning Island is a 7-mile long reef topcatcher. Featuring only 2,000 inhabitants and without power or sanitation, Fanning Island is as near as possible to the famous pristine island in paradise. It is only 185 leagues northeast of the Ecuador, so it can get very warm when the weather is sunny and there is no overcast.

It is drifting in the open sea as it approaches Fanning Island. When the ocean goes beyond the island's waterline, it falls quite quickly, making anchoring quite inconceivable. When you arrived on the island, the locals built an impressive craft market. The beach and the waters are very welcoming, a stroll through the town is certainly a nice way to enjoy the time.

Fanning's residents are comfortable and you have the chance to take a look at one of the most secluded areas of the world.

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