Bora Bora French Polynesia Tahiti

Tahiti Bora Bora French Polynesia Tahiti

With three islands (plus one or two nights in Tahiti) over two weeks, it sounds perfect. The Bora-Bora Transportation - Taxi, Train, Bus & Airport Tips. They are located in the Pacific Ocean and belong to French Polynesia. Remain in our chic Le Méridien Bora Bora Bora in Bora Bora, made for the creative and inspired traveler.

French Polynesia.

Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora?

Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? I seem to have waited most of my lifetime to go snorkelling in French Polynesia. When we go to Bora Bora Bora, will I be the only elder?

In May I was in French Polynesia, though not on Bora Bora, and I would say at least half of the pairs in my resorts and at the airports were in their sixtys. 40 percent honeymoon, 40 percent couple in the 60' s, 10 percent hard surfer, 10 percent other (like me, recently 50 years old, single traveler).

Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? Stays in Moorea, Bors Bora and Tahiti. Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? It'?s never too late. It'?s never too late. Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? Is it too late for Tahiti/Bora Bora? I' m 53 years old and my man is 63 years old and many of the visitors we saw in Bora Bora were about our ages.

Supplement your French Polynesia experience: Tahiti - Moorea and Bora Bora Bora

Not as far away from Tahiti as you might think, since the USA is an 8-hour non-stop plane from Los Angeles - the same timezone as Hawaii...or just an additional film! Every holiday is about making sure you make the most of your holiday, so below are some hints on how you can improve your stay on each isle.

  • Renowned as the most romantically charming Tahitian eatery, Le Coco's. An upmarket lagoon eatery with a beautiful panoramic views of Moorea and table setting on the grass. Others are shadowed by a straw-covered cabin which also offers a great panoramic position. French cooking with insular flavours like prawns served sprinkled with lemon juices and milt.

Make sure you get there in good time for a cocktail at dusk before supper. - Tonight the best Polish dancing group Tahitis will perform twice a week on Fridays and Saturdays in the Intercontinental, the "Bounty Evening Show and Buffet". It was the best of all the dancing groups I saw in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.

Spend a Polynesian-style evening meal in their open-air dining room, followed by an anamazic Grand Ballet of Tahiti dancing show. - When looking for Tahiti Pearl in its blackest form, it's a good way to go to the Tahiti Pearl Museum and see how you can evaluate its value in terms of scale, colour, luster and form.

You' ll see beads everywhere, so it' s best to know in ahead how to get the best value for money!

Because there is only one street on the peninsula, you have the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. - A beautiful viewpoint over the islands is best from the Belvedere viewpoint. - See to it that you install a trip to the Laguna with picnic at the Motu Strand and stingray feed.

While aboard a luxurious indoor motorboat and cruising along the colourful Lagoons, your tour leader will draw classes of kind prickly rays for a feed as you move and interact with these amazing beasts. An exquisite buffet-style luncheon is accompanied by gentle insular sounds in the back. There' s lots of snorkelling, swim or just relax.

If you are interested in thermal spas, don't miss the Bora Bora Pearl Manea and/or the Intercontinental Thalasso spas. - Dinner at the St. Regis Jean George Vongerichten eatery named Lagoon for an evening meal over the counter. Quite uniquely on Bora Bora as you are enjoying your breakfasts supplied with the jib kayak in your surface bungalows.

  • So, if you're looking for a higher level of adrenalin, join a full adventure with your instructor on a full trip of the islands, stopping at the best snorkelling sites along the way. This is a great way to get to know the islands from a different perspective!
  • It is a great trip for snorkelling and swimming. You will see a multitude of colourful and colourful tropical species of wild boar in the clear water of Bora Bora. While spending your free hours discovering the coral gardens, your guides will attract blacktip dogfish with baits. So you can lean back and indulge in the feed as it happens right in front of you.

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