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Map of Kailua, Hawaii County, Hawaii: Grab the inner shovel to Oahu, including where to eat, the combination of Ala Moana Upper and Ala Moana Lower by the Skycab monorail system this mall is the largest indoor mall in Hawaii. Drink cocktails in Waikiki without worries in the world, or ride on the mountains of Molokai - in Hawaii you have the choice. Hawaii's road maps are perfect for unsurpassed travel and tourist experiences in this culturally rich country. The detailed maps make driving a pleasure!

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A favourite option for the whole of the Hawaiian community, but is there enough for children on a quiet, secluded little isle? Co-founder of CiaoBambino.com and Amie O'Shaughnessy, experts in the field of extended and extended trips, have chosen to avoid bigger isles for a Lanai experience. Although Hawaii can be a tourist destination, thank God every visitor to any of our archipelago has unexplored, unspoilt landscapes at their fingertips.

Lanai is the smallest populated and smallest of Hawaiian islands with only 3,000 inhabitants. There is only one city, Lanai City, which is several blocs long, without lights or inconvenience. It is not uncommon to travel a mile and not see another car - an astonishing fact given the small dimensions of the small isle, which is only 13 nautical mile long and 18nautical... This facility makes the holiday on Lanai a secluded trip, but it is only a 45-minute trip by boat from Maui.

A lot of Lanai is rough and game. Initially designed as a beef farm, the Isle was later turned into a pinapple farm under James Dole of the Dole Food Company. Many years ago this shop was closed and the exploration of the islands is like a journey back in history. The Hulopoe Bay, one of the most notable coves in Hawaii, has clear, smooth, white sands, and great surf, snorkel and swim facilities for all age groups.

From Hulopoe Bay, this brief walk leads along the shore line and tidal pool to the spectacular Lanai Landmarks Puu Pehe or Sweetheart Skirt. Tales are deep-rooted in Lanai's indigenous civilization; legends say that a heartbreaking soldier leapt from this 80-foot peak when he was overwhelmed by sorrow after his wife's deaths.

Here you can also see old rock paintings. You can see Molokai on a clear sunny days. Once the tour is over, the archipelago also has two award-winning golfs, cycling, horse back-riding and, of course, all the beautiful beaches and aquatic activity in Hulopoe Bay.

Lanai's secluded, unique ambience is reinforced by the fact that there are few places to stay: two Four Seasons Hotel, the 11-room Lanai Hotel and a small number of campsites. In Lanai City and around the area there are also rental apartments. We' ve both seen Lanai's Four Seasons Hotel.

The Four Seasons Lanai on Manele Bay and Four Seasons Lanai The Lodge in Koele are only 20 minutes away by car. Surprisingly, despite their closeness, these estates provide radical opportunities to enjoy the beauties of Lanai. A luxurious seaside retreat with all the conveniences and service you would expect from the Four Seasons family.

See my report about the Four Seasons Resort Lanai in Manele Bay for more detail. Meanwhile, the lodge in Koele is located 1,700 ft above the ocean floor and is furnished as a spacious manor with magnificent terrain that offers a range of outdoor pursuits that our visitors love: Croquet, grass-bowing and an 18 hole puttings course.

Koele near Lanai City has much colder temperatures and the lounge has blazing fire. There is a free of charge lodge shuttles that run between the hotels every 30 min. so that our clients can comfortably relax and use both. Cognition is that Lanai is hard to get to - it's not. From Lahaina in Maui there is a steady river of ferryboats that travel back and forth to the islands via the expedition fligth.

It will take less than an hours drive and happy travellers can be pampered with cetaceans. expedition also provides a daily round of golf where one guest can play both greens in one go and come back to Maui in the afternoons. The Lanai provides guests with a personal transport service ($10 for a one-way or $47. 50 per passenger for free use) that travels between the hotel and Lanai City from the port.

Hire a Jeep is available through Dollar Rent A Coach for those who want to discover on their own. There is also a souvenir limousine for those who do not want to risk themselves alone on Lanai's dirt road and want to have a complete overview of the islands; Rabaca's riders are full of information, historical facts and tales about the isle.

Trilogy, the only marine activities licensee for Lanai, also provides a full-board excursion from Maui to Lanai, which includes a boat cruise, snorkelling in Hulopoe Bay, a fast sightseeing cruise and a luncheon in its Manele Harbour shed. It is also possible to travel to Lanai with Island Air or Mokulele Airlines.

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