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There are no marshmellows in Hawaii," says the US administration. In response to a request from the US Geological Survey whether it is secure to fry marshmallow above a volcano well. The Kilauea volcano in the US state of Hawaii is one of the most prolific volcanos in the whole wide globe and has been very busy in the last fewweek. His fiery flows have wiped out tens of houses on Hawaii's Big Island, and 2,000 have been ordered to abandon their houses.

Richmond, Vermont, Jay Furr asked the U.S. Treasury if it was secure to fry long sticks of marshmallow above vulcanic chimneys. You said it was not secure and told the humans not to try. Hawaiians were alerted last weekend to poisonous vapours that arise when melted rocks flow into the sea.

The Kilauea is a highly volatile species whose current explosion began 35 years ago. An increase in the number of volcanoes in recent months has led to their literal outbreak in the people's shelters.

The air shows disastrous streams of the Kilauea Vulcano in Hawaii.

Hawaii's brilliant reddish streams can get as high as 1,165 degrees Celsius, with the temperatures of the brilliant purple streams rising to more than 1,600 degrees Celsius - lighting the way of a tree, street, building or anything else. Since their inception on May 3, the outbreaks have created confusion in Hawaii, causing earthquake, volcanoesmog or" Vog" and sour rains, huge rifts and rips on the island and caves that destroy everything in its way.

Since its inception, tens of thousand people have been displaced, and most of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park remains inaccessible. Images show adventuresome visitors approaching the point where the sea slides into the sea with a small ship only a few meters away from the thick mist. As soon as the molten material meets the surface of the sea, the result is a fume containing small amounts of vitreous particulates and hydrogen chloride.

The pictures show visitors raising the camera as they are approaching the fumes, and in some of them the group seems to be right in the middle. Kim, warning humans to keep away from any sea banner to "prevent adverse impacts on health" after the volcano was flooded. At present, most vessels have to keep away from a 300-metre range where the volcanic eruption meets the sea.

The owner has been given a permit to get nearer because he has proved that he has the right gear and expertise to get nearer to the lava," she said. We have given certified owners the opportunity to get as near to the safety of the volcano as they feel," he commented.

The National Guard brought two men and a women from a remote area to a safe place on Sunday, after they were encircled by fast-moving caves. Almost 400 evacuated remained in the lodgings on Saturday evening, among them Kapoho Beach Lots and Vacationland, with the cellular services not working in the area.

Earlier Saturday, National Guard forces, law enforcement and firemen led evacuated from houses on the east tip of the isle, hour before cutting off the street entrance to the area, officers said. At about 10 o'clock in the morning (June 2nd) a large vapor trail formed and at 13.30 o'clock at night a large stream of volcanic ash had poured out of the sea and boil all the mud.

At 7am on June 3rd, the river front had invaded Kapoho Strand Lose and was about 50 meters from the sea. Now there is no entry to Vacationland, Kapoho or Highway 132 and 137. but it didn't get far beyond the chimney.

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