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Sites of Bora Bora

Born Bora Bora is the jewel of French Polynesia. It is perfectly preserved and the beautiful barrier reef surrounding the island and the beautiful lagoon offer about fifteen exceptional dive sites. - This is an area where Bora Bora wins. France-Polynesia. Map.

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Snorkelling Bora Bora Shapiti Maps page

A snorkelling spot in the west of Bora Bora outside the Laguna, Haapiti is generally very quiet, as the waters are protected from the winds and sea and you can see all kinds of tropic fish, blacktip shark, turtles and the outside coral canyon.

Depths vary from a few metres near the shore to a few dozen metres as soon as you move away from it; often you can see the bottom at 40 metres. Below the mooring there are ten metres, so that beginners can take a rest dip.

On the way it is possible to see dolphin school ("bottlenose dolphin", long beak...).

The best snorkelling spots in Bora Bora?

Hello Danielle, I really hoped that this will catch you before / during your journey to Bora Bora. In January 2015 I stayed there at the Sofitel for a whole weekend and had a great family. Comply with most of the proposed commentaries and pages. So we hired a small kayak and tried a few snorkelling spots, but were generally disillusioned.

A place we found was up (north) of Sofitel. Snorkelling from Sofitel, the sea turns into a dive club overlooking the lake, with a steep cliff of perhaps 10 metres, along which there was a wide variety of fishing and corals, the best we saw the whole itinerary.

But be careful, if you go too far, you will be in the Sofitel Transfers' track. Hopefully you'll have a good run and have a great meal in France.

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