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is a suburb of North Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. Obtain Forestville details, latest offers, read reviews or ask questions about Forestville today. Visit our blog for monthly updates on the topics and people of Forestville. The Forestville Library is located in the Forestville Shopping Plaza with parking spaces on and off the road. Receive the Forestville weather forecast.

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It is a outskirts of New South Wales, Australia. Situated 12 kilometers northeast of Sydney's main commercial quarter, Forestville is part of the municipality of the Southern Beaches Council. The Forestville is part of the Southern Beaches area and is also part of the Forest Area.

Located at a crossroads between Sydney's North Shore and Northern Beaches, Forestville is often regarded as part of both, with Middle Harbour as the limit of this differentiation. It is connected to the north by the Garigal National Park to the north and the Middle Harbour to the north.

The flora and wildlife of the Garigal National Park and Davidson National Park near by, along with the Frenchs Forests, Belrose and Terrey Hills, has some of the highest precipitation in Sydney. The name Forestville means city in the woods. The area was initially densely forested until James French set up here and began logging in 1856 before building a small shipyard on Bantry Bay to transport wood to Sydney.

Later on the people of France bought more property in the neighbouring suburbs, which bore his name, the Französischer Wald[2]. Fortstville Village Stores - or The Center - is the major suburban mall on Darley and Starkey Street with a Coles store and a wide range of stores, service and groceries.

Forestville is a low-density residential area with many gardens and reservations and almost entirely enclosed by magnificent scrubland with a lot of indigenous wildlife, mainly made up of detached houses with medium-sized farms. We have three elementary school in Forestville, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Forestville Montessori School and Forestville Public School.

Its closest high campuses are Killarney Heights High and other high schools in the area are The Forest High High School in Frenchs Forest and Davidson High School there. The Aspect Vern Barnett also exists for kids with retarded speech disorders. In Forestville there are a number of churches:

The 2016 Cadensus showed 8,329 inhabitants in Forestville. Average ages of 42 years were higher than the country's 38-year average, and 20.2% of the total was 65 years and older. In Forestville, the most frequent ancestors were English 26.8%, Australia 21.4%, Ireland 8.1%, Scotch 6.7% and China 5.6%.

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