Aua Paradise Park

Ouch Paradise Park

The paradise of Luomai lay off the eastern tip. Booking your flight from Georgetown (OGL) to Oranjestad (AUA) with our best price guarantee. The application is intended for AUA students. Accommodation in Aua. Foam party at the Star Beach Water Park Resort with access to the pools!

Little Paradise on Aruba - Review of Aruba Parade Park, Paradadera

So happy we chose to spend the night in Paradera Park and not in one of the big high-rise buildings by the sea. While you walk through the doors, you will be welcomed by a beautiful paradise. Rooms were kept perfectly tidy and furnished on a regular basis with new handcloths, floral and newspapers.

It is a must to drive, but only 10-15 min from beautiful sandy beach, Arikok Park, supermarket and restaurant. There was a great part of our trip to Aruba and the Paradera Park was the ideal place to be.

Hotel Paradise Park Tenerife Vacation

Paradise Park Tenerife is a 4 stars four stars luxury self-catering hostel in the quiet area of Los Cristianos Village. Our focus is always on providing a high level of customer care and the property has a high level of retailing, the highest of all our facilities. As soon as you enter the guesthouse, you will be welcomed as a holidaymaker and not just a friends.

Tenerife Paradise Park is open 365 nights a year and is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most appreciated destinations not only in Tenerife but in all the Canary Islands. Constructed in court design, the hostel appeals to both family, couple and individual travelers. Though there is an entertaining program during the afternoon and at night, the focus of the resort is on relaxing.

Our teamwork with this property has enabled us to provide extraordinary rates and great deals.

AUA - Review of De Palm Island, Aruba, Carribean Islands

It was my 10-month-old man, our boy, and I went to Aruba to see my husband's boyfriends and families during our holidays. As my man was borne in Aruba and we are still living together, we do not have to go through immigrant duty when we are there. As a native, my boy and I have the same privileges as my man when we are in Aruba.

After a long break we went to De Palm Island to get some rest. All in all we went with six persons and let the child at home, so that we could really savour all the snorkeling and whitewater enjoyment. We were asked for the price the previous morning at the desk and we were said to be 99 Florin, which is $55,- or ?40,-.

Afterwards we drove to De Palm Island, came to the desk of De Palm Island and wanted to buy three passes for my cousin, my man and me. Well, the woman at the desk asked about our passes and ran them. Well, my man asked her: "Nothing is incorrect, but you have to buy the prices once for the village (for the nephew) and twice the regular prices (for ourselves).

" and then Florin turned to dollars. After all, my husbands were from Aruba and we are still the same. "Okay, then, because you were borne here, you are paying the indigenous cost, but your woman has to buy 99 dollars because she was borne in the Netherlands.

" It' s silly enough that we paid the regular rate just to get out of the hassle and get our all-inclusive wristbands. As we left an imbecile from De Palm Island, the employees asked my man if he was there for the first tim. De Palm Island's services have really improved, personnel don't look kind and seem tired of work.

The whole look of De Palm Island is also'fake', there is nothing more to it. There' s nothing unusual about snorkelling, you can see the same for free anywhere in Aruba! So, all-inclusive meals and (alcoholic) beverages, whitewater and snorkelling are never $99!

Therefore we recommend all visitors not to drive to De Palm Islands! We' re definitely never going back to Palm Island. Palm Island is a great disgrace to Aruba's tourist industry!

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