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in Suva. Contains a story of Suva. Schedule visits to Fiji Museum, Shark Diving + Colo-I-Suva Forest Park. Sava is Fiji's capital. Fiji's biggest cultural attraction are performances, restaurants and a shopping centre.


Fiji is located at the crossroads of the South Pacific. Fortunately, Fiji's heathen times are only lived in the stories told by travel leaders - in ceremonies such as fire-walking, kava ceremonies and reproductions of the drums, dancing and singing. It is an eclectic tourist resort with 333 isles, offering an thrilling experience or a tranquil holiday.

The Suva, the city' s centre for politics, administration, education and commerce, has a scenery of luxuriant rainforests, cultivated by the unavoidable "tropical rain shower". "Fiji's population is the most multi-racial and multi-cultural of all South Pacific archipelagos - a fact mirrored in all confessions, religious orders, religious houses, religious houses and religious houses.

The Suva, with its reclaimed rural harbour, is home to almost half of Fiji's townspeople, along with fashionable trading centres, stores and community centres, parklands and housing areas. All of the lovely gardens date from 1913. The luxuriant rain forest reserve has a hint of Indiana Jones.

Swim in a wildlife bath, take a walk along a wildlife path and keep your eye open to discover the many birdlife. See how the natives are living and get to know the traditions that have been passed down through the ages. There is a reception and you can rummage in the local arts and crafts and memorabilia.

Indulge in a mixture of imagination and genuine taste in a wonderful environment. Welcome to the President of Fiji's formal home, constructed in 1928 after the initial structure was hit by thunderburn. With its breathtaking beaches and overlooking the Beqa and Yanuca Isles, you' ll be able to experience the island's finest boutiquesretreats.

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Sights Suva, Fiji

Sava is Fiji's capitol. The Suva was granted town charter in 1910. The Suva can be discovered easy on feet. Large Auswahl an Gerichten, Renwick Road, Suva, internationally, Palm Courts, Joske Street, Suva, Fast Food, Cumming Street, Suva, internationally, Hot Dog Booth, Gorrie Street, Suva, Suva, Mid-budget und High-budget : Vineyard Palace, Victoria Parade, Suva, Jeralds Catering, Mead Road, Suva, Scott's Restaurant, Goodenough Street, Suva, Ticos, Stinson Parade Road, Suva, Restaurant, Cafés :

The Bad Dog, Victoria Parade, Suva, Café, Kahawa, Pratt Street, Suva, Cafe on the first level, Renwick Road, Suva, coffee_shop, bars and clubs: The Bourbon Blues, Macharthur Street, Suva, Classik, Macharthur Street, Suva, Pub, O'Reilly's, Macharthur Street, Suva, nightclubs:Birdland, Carnarvon Street, Suva, Sand Dunes, Carnarvon Street, Suva, Deep Sea, Carnarvon Street, Suva, hotels are also relatively pricey.

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